21 thoughts on “5 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Aruba

    • Dreaming of Aruba would be a good dream indeed!! I think I may daydream of once again floating in those turquoise waters as I sit here bundled in a sweater. 😉

    • Lol. I know you like your cold! But since it was wordless, the title had to tell it all (from my perspective 😉)

    • Thanks Jonathan! I have lots more to share. I didn’t get to move around the island as much as I would have liked, so many are at the same beach. But the sky and scenes are always changing and landscape photography is my love.
      For some reason I haven’t figure out, when I switched to raw, the camera takes three photos for each shot (massive amount of memory usage) and I need to fix that.
      For the record, somewhere between 175-200 on the camera (some are awful and will be trashed though. lol.)

  1. Yes they do! He-Man and I canceled our trip to Cabo last year cause the news coming out of the area wasn’t good with cartel stuff and we never went anywhere really after that.

    This year we hope to go somewhere and this went on my list to check out because of you!

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