What’s Up Lately Episode 005


What’s Up Lately.

Episode 005.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I was here with my last update.

That update coincided with my husband’s birthday.

Smith Mountain Lake.

We decided to rent a boat and spend part of the day cruising around Smith Mountain Lake.

The lake is the largest man-made lake in the state of Virginia.

It has 500 miles of shoreline.

So while we did lots of exploring, we were only seeing a tiny portion of all there is to see.

We decided to anchor in a cove to see how cold the water was. If you know me, you know the cold and I do not get along AT ALL. Even the Atlantic down in Florida is often too cold for my liking. I jumped in once but quickly climbed back out. It wasn’t the cold, but the eerie feeling that some lake monster might be hiding in the depths ready to eat me.

The average depth of the lake is 55 ft with a maximum depth of 250 ft. I’m a Florida girl and lakes mean alligators.

My rational brain said it was much too cold for that, but the irrational part said there were still unknown large animals down there. I got in once more and swam out to my husband. The water was very cold, but I could have acclimated. The depth and unknown still freaked me out and so I climbed back aboard the boat and basked in the sunlight on the bow.

I think I could get used to the scary waters. It’ll just take some time.

Do you ever frequent lakes? What’s your take on them?

Soccer Tournament.

The following weekend, Miss Sunshine had a soccer tournament in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is about a 5-hour drive from Roanoke. It’s the farthest that we typically travel for a tournament. However, we always stay oceanfront so it’s a fun time.

Miss Sunshine and her team won the championship. That was despite being down a few girls who couldn’t make it and then down a few more due to injuries sustained during the weekend.

Since it is such a long drive home and there was school the next day, the team didn’t stay for the medaling ceremony (that would have added many more hours to the day).

There were plans to get their medals at practice that Wednesday.

However, rain canceled practice.

Flash Floods.

On Thursday, Hurricane Michael made its way to Roanoke.

I’ve shown you all the dry creek in my yard before. Any time it rains heavily, the creek runs with the water draining down the mountain. If you look into the background of the photo, you will see the row of Evergreens that we planted a few years ago. There is a road behind them. That road is covered is flash flooding water. The road to my driveway was covered in flash flood water.

You may have seen photos on the news of Roanoke covered in flooded water.

This photo is early into the flooding. Shortly after this, I was pacing the floor. Mr. D has early release for Seniors. I didn’t know if his Mustang would make it on our street. At the time, I had no clue what the rest of the county looked like.

About 15 minutes after the early release Seniors left school, I received a call that they were immediately releasing the schools due to increased flooding.

Mr. D made it to our neighborhood entrance, but then could tell that he would not make it any farther. He turned around and called me to pick him up at a nearby office parking lot. I took out the Jeep. Leaving our neighborhood, rocks had been pushed across the road and a car had been pushed to the side as well. The jeep had no problem making it across the rocks.

I picked up Mr. D and then had to make my way to the high school to get Miss Sunshine and Mr. D’s girlfriend. Many of the roads that we would have normally taken were closed due to flooding. Even the one that Mr. D had made it through 20 minutes earlier had a car submerged to its headlights. We finally made it to the girls and slowly made our way back through traffic. What normally is 20ish minutes round trip was over an hour and a half.

When I left, I didn’t know if the flooding would continue to get worse. However, the rain slowed and had receded from many roads by the time we made it home.

It was a mentally taxing afternoon, to say the least.


The Roanoke Go Outside Festival was this weekend.

After all the craziness, I was ready to go walk around, listen to music and drink a few beers with my husband.

It was a good ending to the week.

How has your week been?

Part of her mystery is how she is calm in the storm and anxious in the quiet. -jmstorm quote

Let your light shine!


14 thoughts on “What’s Up Lately Episode 005

  1. What a week, but walking around with your husband having a few beers is a good way to unwind.

    Hope you hubby had a great birthday.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Yes, it was a crazy week to be sure! My hubby did have a great birthday. Thank you. 🙂
      I hope that you have a fabulous day and week as well!

  2. All that rain and flooding!! I would have been a basket-case driving out in that and yet at the same time anxious to get my kids together with me. Yikes – what a month it’s been for you on the east coast! I hope you finally get a chance to dry out a little bit.

    In terms of lakes – I grew up with lakes and that’s what I know and am comfortable with. I’m the flip side of you. It’s ocean water that makes me uncomfortable and I’m thinking of all the ocean things lurking under the surface!

    1. Thanks Joanne. I’m glad that it receded quickly. It looks like it may be drying out with the cold fronts that are pushing in.
      It’s interesting that it’s what we know that we become comfortable with. I am far more concerned with what lurks below in the Atlantic than I am in the Gulf. But again, the Gulf is what I knew my entire life! I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable with the lake as I spend more time in it. My oldest has spent a lot of time there and he loves it. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The weather is being much kinder and all the water has receded. I was very happy to have a Jeep and to be able to get around. Other were definitely not a fortunate as the floods came through. xx

  3. My week is TERRIBLE, lol, still understaffed at work and I am weary like whoa. I’m glad this will pass. Phew!
    I am sorry to hear about the flooding. Did you plant your row of evergreens or did you hire out? I’m debating. Truly. I want to save money and I’m not afraid of hard work, but I wonder if it’s worth it. Just curious. It’s not my business.
    I grew up with lakes and prefer them to pools, but not to oceans. Oceans seem healthier, make me feel healthier, good for skin might be the difference. Lake water is just water. I went through a summer after Jaws, what was I? Six? Seven? When I worried tremendously about freshwater sharks eating me up. I stayed in the shallows a lot that summer. Never even diving or skiing. I am honestly STILL afraid of sea monsters. No one knows what’s really out there. I don’t care what they say. I have an old post about it, even. Your lake photo is BEAUTIFUL.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that your week is TERRIBLE. Understaffing is awful. It’s been a while since I’ve actually experienced it, but I remember how awful it can be!! I hope it passes quickly!

      We planted our row of evergreens. And by “we”, I mean my husband and both sons. There are 10 and we planted them at about 3-4 ft tall. It was not easy work because there are big rocks in the ground here. I don’t know if your area has rocky ground. It’s definitely been a shock when planting after having planted on Florida ground. There it was a simple as post hole diggers. Herre it’s breaking out big rocks. It’s also why the fence replacement was slow going. We rarely hire anything out…even when I think we should.

      I do think there is a healthier feeling to the ocean. The smell is different, even compared to the bays. I’m pretty sure there are definitely lake monsters. I saw a ripple as we were crusing that I’m pretty sure riveled some of those caused by Nessie.

      I’m glad you liked the lake photo. It truly is a gorgeous lake surrounded by the mountains. I’m constantly asking myself why I don’t get out there more often. 🙂

      1. Thank you for letting me know. I still haven’t decided. The only good thing I can say is that the area behind my house has been cleared and was farmed for about 50 years, so the likelihood of big rocks is probably minimal. I’d like to do five evergreens.
        It’s a shame how busy we get, too busy to remember to get back to our outdoor spaces. More of that!

    1. Thank you! I was glad when it was over. A reprieve from that type of adventure is definitely welcome!! 🙂

  4. WOW- that lake is beautiful!!!
    Eeek! I could see how that would be hard to change your mindset of the gators being there… quick scary story- one time when DJ and I were in Florida (Gulf coast) we waded thorough a lake for a while to get to a sandbar. Turns out that area is alligator infested— we had no idea….

    Congrats to Miss Sunshine!!!! And all that down a few players? Wow!

    So sorry hurricane Michael made its way to you

    The Go Outside Festival sounds so fun though!!! My week has been so busy- midterms this week. Have a great rest of your weekend, Amy !

    1. I really do love the views at that lake!
      Eek!! Being in an infested alligator lake and not knowing it sound scary! We did take our boat out on Lake Placid and go tubing and water skiing. For the most part, I wasn’t too panicked. But while sunk into the water, on the skis, wating for the boat to take off, my heart would beat a little faster!!

      The girls were great! I felt so bad for those that got injured. Lots of really bad ankle injuries.

      I hope the midterms went well and that you are getting to have a relaxing weekend!!

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