What’s Up Lately – Episode 002

What’s Up Lately?

Episode 002.

Since I’m mostly popping in with updates, it doesn’t feel right to call them “Friday Faves” and also they may not always fall on a Friday.

Today, however, it does.

And since I need different titles…

Episode 002.

Secretly I’m hoping that Episode 007 will have something really exciting to share. Because with a name like that, it has to be intriguing.


Life has been a whirlwind and this will only be a quick update.




On Friday, Mr. D and I had an appointment at the courthouse.

In Virginia, there is a licensing ceremony in order to receive your official driver’s license if you are under a certain age. I’m not really a fan of the process. He’s been able to “officially” drive since he was 16 and 3 months.

That was 9 months ago.

You get a postcard telling you when you have the ceremony.

That came 8 months after he started driving on his own.

I understand that the purpose is to tell you all about how it is a privilege to be able to drive. And I don’t really hate the process for that. I just don’t like the fact that in order to be to the courthouse on time for the ceremony, he had to leave school an hour early….during his AP Calculus class….to sit in a courtroom for an hour and hear about statistics and rules (such as curfews and passenger limits) that he already knows. Plus I had to sit there..my second time hearing the same thing…and I have one more to go.

I don’t like courthouses.

Like some people don’t like walking in hospitals (which, by the way, I love) I don’t like being in a courthouse.

Maybe I was tried unfairly in a past life. Who knows? But I had to rush home and get ready to head out for the weekend.


Labor Day Weekend and Soccer.

As most of you know, Miss Sunshine plays travel soccer in the fall. This means that there is a tournament around most major U.S. holidays.

This past weekend was no different.

It was nice that we only had to drive to Greensboro, NC. That is only two hours away. A few of our tournaments are closer to a four-hour drive.

Miss Sunshine and I headed down on Friday night. She had an early (ish) game and we wanted to be able to come back to the hotel between games.

There ended up being a lightning storm so severe that the second game had to be canceled. Luckily, we hadn’t left the hotel yet. Some people we know were at the fields and it took them an hour to get out of the parking lot!

The photo is from our room on the 12th floor. There are mountains above even the ones that you can make out through the haze. That’s how dense the fog was during the storm!

They had to do a point system to keep the tournament on schedule. That meant her team was in first for their group going into the semi-finals. They won and advanced to the championship game.

That game ended in a tie and they moved to PK’s. Her team has an amazing goalie (and players who can make a shot) and they ended up winning the championship.

Flowers! For Me?

My girlfriend sent me a text on Wednesday asking if I was home because she wanted to drop something by.

It was flowers!! It really made my day. Little did she know that I had some things going on that day which felt quite stressful.

They definitely lifted my spirits.

How can you not smile when you have sunflowers smiling their cheerful faces at you?!


I’ve talked about my dad’s youngest sister extensively on the blog. She’s only 5 days older than me, which means that we were practically like sisters growing up.

Today is her birthday!!

Which also means… it’s only 5…more…days…until mine!


I’m doing what I always do as I head into my birthday season.


That’s mostly why I’ve been MIA. I have set myself a deadline on the new moon on Sunday.

New moons are a time for beginnings.

I am clearing away the old to make room for the new.

And right in line with my list-making Virgo ways, I have a schedule to keep with this timeline.

Today I mop the wood floors and declutter the paper mountain that’s been collecting.


Silly Selfie.

I’m not going to show my piles of work to do or the mountains of things I’ve purged, so instead, I leave you with another silly selfie from the archives.

I hope you have a great weekend and start some beginnings of your own.


Let your light shine!


23 thoughts on “What’s Up Lately – Episode 002

    1. Thank you. I thought so too. I just adore sunflowers. Recently, there was actually a sunflower festival nearby, but we were away for soccer. I’m hoping to get to visit one the next go round. 🙂

  1. I love the ending quote. It’s in line with the philosophy that we have to make room for the things we want in life. Happy decluttering and happy pre-birthday celebrations! 🙂

    1. Thank you Joanne. I do believe we have to make room for the new. I feel very happy with what was accomplished leading up to through the weekend. 🙂

  2. First of all, you’re the cutest mouse selfie I’ve seen! That’s adorable! 😛
    Also, I’m delighted that your friend brought you sunflowers on just the right day 😀
    Nice to read you, Amy. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Thank Joey!! Snapchat filters and one of my little delights in life.
      I definitely felt like the sunflowers were a nod of love from the universe (and from my friend, of course).
      I hope that you had a beautiful weekend. We had a nice one even with all the rain. 🙂

  3. Cool blog Amy! Also interesting to see the license process for kids under a certain age in Virginia. Was so many decades ago I forget how I went about it in NJ LOL.


    1. Thank you Ryan! I think many northern states are much more restrictive than my experience. I grew up in Florida and if you passed the written test at 15, you got your permit. If you passed the driving test at 16, you got your license. If there were curfews and passenger limits, I don’t recall them. lol.

  4. Love the selfie 🙂 I can’t wrap my head around 16 year olds being allowed to drive – in the UK you can’t learn until 17, and even then they are talking about pushing it out to 18. We have one of the most strict driving tests in the world too, I’m led to believe.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. Snapchat filters are such a simple pleasure that bring me such joy. lol.
      I got my license the day after I turned 16…and that was only because the DMV was closed on my birthday. However, I learned to drive out in the country much earlier so I understood car management before having to get on the road with all the other drivers. There are states here that are 17 or 18 as well. Each one is different. I’m just used to Florida, which was probably at the younger end. 🙂

  5. That is sooo interesting that there is a licensing ceremony?! I have never heard of this! Hmm..

    Congrats to your daughter and her team!

    Oh my gosh, what a sweet friend <3

    I love decluttering- it feels so good to get rid of stuff!

    Loved reading your updates, Amy

    1. I hadn’t heard of those ceremonies until we moved here. My friend definitely made all the difference that day! I love decluttering too!! xx

  6. As if it’s not nerve-rattling enough having a child that is officially able to drive legally, they actually make you go to court? What an…interesting procedure. Yikes!

    But at least those sunflowers are cheery enough to brighten even a trip to the courthouse, I suppose. 😛

    1. It’s an interesting procedure for sure! Those sunflowers made for a lot of cheeriness over the week. 🙂

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