Tuesday Truth #63

Tuesday Truth.

Number 63.

We are mosaics- pieces of light love, history, stars-- glued together with magic and music and words. -Anita Krizzan

One of the definitions of mosaic as defined at dictionary.com comes in its use as an adjective.

Composed of a combination of diverse elements.

I think that humanity as a collective and as an individual fits into that definition of a mosaic.

In thinking of this definition from an individual standpoint, I am reminded of all the “pieces” that form me.

Light, love, history, stars.

Magic and music and words.

My own and others’ all flowing together, seemingly haphazardly and yet forming a beautiful picture.

A mosaic.

I have not been pouring my words out onto pages lately (outside of my morning pages that I am doing through my Artist’s Way journey). I have many things vying for my mental space, my research, my focus. Some I’m not ready to talk about and some have words swirling that I haven’t been able to reign into a coherent stream, giving them the space they deserve. My last post, A New Way to Unwind: Learning to Knit, was written prior to its scheduled release. It had taken me a while to write since I had so many things that required my immediate attention. One being that my mother-in-law was not doing well. On August 31st, she passed from this world into the next. She spent 88 years on this earth and touched many lives. There is so much more to say about her and when those swirling words have decided to align and flow from my fingertips, I will give them the space they deserve.

I will say that she definitely added pieces to the mosaic that is my life.

On my birthday, I usually reflect on my personal growth over the past year. My birthday was September 12th, this past Saturday. I have crossed into being 43. Those words, too, are waiting for me to sit with them and give them the space they deserve.

They will come. And I will set them down.

For today, I honor the mosaic of life.

Thank you to all of you who have added beautiful pieces to mine.

Let your light shine!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #63

  1. I like your idea of a life being a mosaic. It’s made up of so many little pieces, each adding their own character to the finished produce. I’m sorry to read about your MIL’s passing, but happy to read about your birthday. Life balances, eh?

  2. Happy belated birthday Amy and I’m also very sorry to hear about your mother in law. Life’s joys and hardships, it’s all an evolving journey isn’t it. I love how you described our fragments being like mosaics, so very intricate and true. Beautiful post. Keep shining my friend. xx

    1. Thank you, Miriam! It is very much an evoloving journey with its ebbs and flows. It truly is amazing how those intricate pieces come together to form something beautiful. You keep shining as well, my friend!! xx

  3. A beautiful quote, Amy, especially the “magic.” I get it on “vying for my mental space…” Sincere condolences about your mother-in-law. The word “mosaic” has even more meaning now. And, yes, allow yourself “the space” you deserve. Love and Hugs

    1. Thank you for your condolences, Erica. I thought it was a beautiful quote as well. It’s amazing all the little pieces that go into forming a lifetime. Since I am a writer, my husband and his brothers have gifted me with the opportunity to read the love letters written between my MIL and FIL while he was away in the Navy. I’m enjoying getting lost in a beautiful, many decades romance. xx

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