Tuesday Truth #58

Tuesday Truth.

Number 58.

Last week I shared 22 Quotes on Hope to help you through stressful times.

I thought that I’d continue with that theme for this week’s Tuesday Truth with a little bit of wisdom courtesy of Star Wars.

This is a worldwide journey through the night. We are all experiencing an existence that we didn’t expect. One that has its moments where we question “when?”.

When will we not be confined to our homes?

When will it get better?

When will we make it to the other side of this?

But hope says, even if you can’t see me now, I am here. I am beside you on this journey. And together we will make it to the other side of darkness.

We are all humans.

No matter our level of fame, success, or other achievements, not one of us is untouchable. We all feel the same emotions of fear and joy, anger and elation, sadness and affection. We all have our ups and downs. And we all can embrace hope.

How are you all doing?

Stay safe and healthy out there! Sending you all love and light! xx

Let your light shine!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #58

  1. Love that quote by Organa. So true, we just can’t give up on hope, even though we can’t see from one day to the next. Hope you’re doing well Amy. xx

  2. The quote is a good one. I agree that the question now is: WHEN? It applies to every aspect of my life. I appreciate your positive spin on life here. Thank you.

  3. I love how you said we are all experiencing these same emotions. So true <3 Thank you for this reminder about the importance of hope- this quote is so powerful.

    1. I think it’s important to remember that we are all going through this as a collective and hope is something we can all embrace. I hope you are doing well, Mackenzie!! xx

  4. You’re right! When is the question of everyone about everything right now! I still want more sunshine. Had some today, it was nice.

    1. It sure is strange times. I want more sunshine too!! Lots of clouds here. Next weekend is supposed to be glorious though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because each time I get my hopes up on sunshine, as the day creeps closer the forecast changes to rain. lol. I hope you’ve gotten some more days of sunshine!!

  5. Amy, You always share the best quotes! You are right on how we all feel the same emotions. I always count my blessings, yet I do have some low moments. I realize life will be different from now on and I wonder how this will impact our children. I am also concerned about the impact on people who do not have ‘the basics’ such as clean water. Great thought-provoking gems and questions. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.xx

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoy the quotes, Erica. I definitely have ups and downs. I think that’s to be expected given this scenario being something that we couldn’t have imagined. I think it will be a long, hard road out of this. You take care of yourself and your loved ones as well!! xx

  6. As long as there is still hope, good things are still possible… even in difficult times. Sometimes finding that glimmer of hope is the biggest challenge, but even the tiniest of sparks can lead the way to brightness. 🙂

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