Tuesday Truth #56

Tuesday Truth.

Number 56.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. -Anais Nin


Humans are social creatures.

I’m currently reading Hivemind by Sarah Rose Cavanagh, PhD because I love almost all things studying “why we behave the way we do”.

And while there are many dimensions to the book, I just wanted to share this part from the inside flap:

Humans have always been a remarkably social species-our moods, ideas, and even our perceptions of reality sync up with those around us…This hiveish nature benefits us in countless way-connecting us with supporters, exposing us to information beyond what we can find in our own backyards, combating the mental and physical costs of loneliness.

As Anaïs Nin, put so beautifully, each new friend represents a possible world that is not born until we meet them.

Each new friend that I have made has expanded my horizons in some way.

Each one contributing to my growth.

In having met them, I am no longer the same.

A new world is born.

I have had conversations with so many of you that have opened my mind and expanded my heart. I have learned things I could never have known without having met you.

And for that, I am so thankful.

Keep spreading your light by being the authentic you. YOU are creating new worlds every day!

Let your light shine!


21 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #56

  1. A beautiful post Amy and the book sounds profound. Thanks for sharing I agree that people have opened up our hearts. Such a wonderful positive thing we’ve gained from blogging. Hugs. xx

    1. Thank you, Miriam! The book was quite eye-opening. I love how she interviewed people that have done lots of research into many aspects that of human behavior. Blogging has definitely opened up so many worlds. xx

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the insight of the book. Meeting a new friend open a new door to discovering new things. I’m so grateful to meet you Amy, You have an amazing soul. <3 🙂

  3. What an interesting post to read this morning. My mind has been reflecting on a similar thought recently about friendships and how they connect with a different piece of us. Very thought provoking stuff and as Quirky Girl said, it’s a wonderful way to look a new friends … including those we meet in this virtual world 💕

    1. Friendships definitely are special things. And it’s so true how they can connect with a different piece of us. It expanded my mind in how I look at new friends…and, yes, including those we meet in the virtual world. xx

    1. It truly does expand the world around us. I have met some truly amazing people through blogging and through my travels. I even think about how my horizons have been expanded by those conversations I had with a set of strangers while riding the train from Edinburgh to London.
      That’s such a beautiful way of looking at it. “Threads in a tapestry”. *for some reason that feels like we could go off on a sci-fi conversation surrounding that 😉 *

  4. Great introduction, Amy! I get it. I am also curious and wonder “why we behave the way we do?” This is the first time I have heard the concept of a “hive” and “hiveish nature.” You have written a beautiful post, Amy! I am also changing and growing. You, Amy, have enriched my life in more ways than you will likely know.💕 I am playing catch up reading today, since I had the privilege of being present at my grandson’s birth last week. Always a miracle and grateful beyond words. A flurry of activity around here. You remind me how much I enjoy the company and wisdom of fellow bloggers. Thank you always for shining your light, Amy!💗

    1. Thank you so much, Erica!! Humans are definitely intriguing creatures. It really makes my heart happy to hear that I have a piece in enriching your life.
      What a special privilege to be present at your grandon’s birth!! Congratulations!!! Birth is such a beautiful miracle.
      Thank you for shining your light as well, Erica!

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