Tuesday Truth #48

Tuesday Truth.

Number 48.

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. - Rumi

Yesterday was Miss Sunshine’s 16th birthday. I captured that moment in time…that rite of passage…in another love letter written to her.

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.

I am working on embodying the truth found in this Rumi quote.

To be fully present in the here and now.

To be the soul of wherever I find myself.

To observe.

To listen.

To shine a light.

It’s amazing what experiences may find their way into your life when you focus on being present.

In fact, I have a story and some lessons I learned from my weekend away that captures just that. I’ll be sharing that one tomorrow (update: it’s this one. A Tale of Two Strangers.)

How about you?

Any stories to tell from a time when you were fully present in the moment?

Let your light shine!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #48

      1. Time goes too fast between kids and parents non? I’m so glad you’re not letting grass under your boots and you’re cherishing every moment with your children. I just wish we could stop time a little bit longer sometimes.

  1. Oh yes, but as strange as it sounds, I cannot recall what it was, LOL — but I recently did have a Now moment that was worth sharing with my husband and I actually said to him, “That could only happen if I was truly present in the Now…” I cannot recall what it was. Long as I sit here trying to think about it, it’s escaping me.

    1. Well, I’m glad that you’ve recently had one! They’re definitely good when they were enough to want to share them. I’m working on remembering to be “Now” more often.

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