Tuesday Truth #36

Tuesday Truth.

Number 36.

Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out chase that. - Gemma Troy

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I hope that all of you are chasing that which makes you feel the sun.

I’m out actually chasing the sun!

It’s been almost 2 1/2 weeks since Miss Sunshine and I started our annual Florida road trip. Our first stop was visiting some family in Gainesville. On the backroads nearby, I let Miss Sunshine do some driving on her learner’s permit. I even kept my anxiety issues at bay. Mostly.

We spent a couple of days there and then drove across the state to New Smyrna Beach. This was to be the first surf stop. Miss Sunshine was somewhat concerned that New Smyrna Beach is known as the “shark bite capital of the world”. However, we didn’t see any sharks.

While there.

I did make an attempt to surf, but I needed a longer board than we currently own. Also, we had to paddle out over our heads to the sandbar. I’ve only attempted surfing in shallower water and each time a wave came along it would push me off of the sandbar. The whole scenario was a bit overwhelming to me. I am now even more impressed by Miss Sunshine’s comfort in the water. I did love this beach though. It was a wide beach with soft sand. You could also park a vehicle on a section of it. We were staying at a hotel that was beachfront so we did not do that, but I can see the appeal.

From there we headed down to Cocoa Beach. We were meeting another two ladies and their daughters, but we were arriving a day earlier. Miss Sunshine went out to surf and shortly thereafter came to shore to tell me that there was a shark about 10ft away from her (this was about 3 ft off the shoreline). We don’t go out until the lifeguards come and never go in the water at dusk because that’s when sharks typically come in to feed. This was 11 in the morning! Our friends arrived that evening and we spent part of a week making tons of memories and having a great time soaking up some salt air and sunshine. It was truly good for the soul.

The next leg of our journey took us on a scenic tour down A1A before we cut across the state to head to my parent’s home in Naples. I arrived last Wednesday and have yet to plan the leg home of our trip. I have a loose plan that I’ll be solidifying soon.

But for now…I’m just chasing the sun.

How about you? How is June going for you?

Keep chasing whatever it is that makes you feel the sun inside you. And then beam that sunshine out into the world!!

Let your light shine!


27 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #36

    1. Yeah! I wasn’t too thrilled about the shark part! We had a great time and made many memories! Thanks for the good wishes. We made it home safe and sound on Thursday night. 🙂

  1. What sorts of shark do you get around your part of the world? My cousin lives north of San Francisco, so they tend to get White sharks chasing tuna up the coast – and inevitable horror stories from time to time. I remember visiting Stinson beach with her, and gazing in awe at the “danger of death” signs.

    1. I have heard of there being Great Whites spotted along the Florida coast, but they are seasonal. The one that I filmed after my daughter got out of the water was about 4 ft. I’m sure someone could tell what it was by the fin shape. There are Bull, Tiger, Lemon, and Blacktip amongst some others. Bull Sharks are known for being pretty aggressive. I have heard that Great Whites are plentiful in California. That sign sounds scary!! In my 41 years of coastal living and excursions, this is only the 2nd shark that I have ever seen. The other was in North Carolina.

  2. love this quote! Also that is a bit terrifying about the shark! how wild!! sounds like the ultimate mom daughter trip- thanks for sharing, Amy!

    1. I’m glad that you loved this quote, Mackenzie! It truly was wild about the shark. My daughter was just calmly walking out of the ocean with her surfboard and came up to tell me. I think I might have wanted to run, but I suspect she was making sure not to draw attention to herself! It was a memory-filled mom-daughter trip and I cherish it so much! xx

  3. You have been in your happy place 🙂 I’m late to this post so you’re probably home by now. Hope the rest of your vacation has been gloriously warm and sunny!

  4. Hi Amy. You’re getting some hot hot sunshine there in Florida now. I live in New England and am just grateful that we’re finally getting warmth and sun. I love June. Every weekend, my guy and I hike all over the area. This past weekend we hiked Concord MA and the Minuteman Park for several hours. On Sunday we walked all around the city of Boston on a gorgeous sunny day. Cheers!

    1. Hi Pam! I think I made it back to Virginia before the INTENSE heat made it there. Phew! My mom said it’s getting over 100 most days. We are hitting the 90’s here in SW Virginia. It was a very long winter here so I suspect New England’s lasted even longer! June is a wonderful month. I’m hoping that July is mild. I live very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway so we often do hikes in there. I’d love to get up to New England and do some hiking around there. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekends. I have only seen Boston from the airport, but it definitely looks like a city I’d love to explore. Thanks so much for stopping by!! 🙂

      1. Boston has long winters and short springs. :-0 But today it’s almost 90 degrees and we are not used to that, believe me. I imagine YOUR area is gorgeous. But yes, the history and walkability of Boston are tremendous. Hope you get to do it sometime.

  5. Chasing the sun sounds way more enjoyable than chasing flies and mosquitoes, which is unfortunately what I’ve been doing lately… 😛

    Hope you had a blast enjoying all that beautiful sunshiny, beachy goodness!! 😀

    1. Ugghhh… I did have to chase a few mosquitoes at dusk. I was quite annoyed because I’m one of those who rarely get bitten. These were angry ones and one even left a welt. Which NEVER happens!! Now that I’m home, I seem to have flies finding there way inside. Only one or two, but they are like three times the size of the ones in Florida!! I hope that they start to leave you alone! :p

      The beach sunshine was wonderful!!

  6. Hi, Amy. 🙂

    Just to let you know I am having issue with the ‘like’ button in your page. It does not display in my PC and phone, hence my inability to press the like button. Ay! Yay! I will try clicking refresh to see if that settles the issue.

    Have a great day.


    1. Thanks so much, Imelda. Someone else recently mentioned that as well and your comment reminded me to check it out. I talked to the Happiness Engineers and they got me all sorted out!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day!! -Amy

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