Tuesday Truth #34

Tuesday Truth.

Number 34.

Enjoy the Small Things!

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Short and sweet this week.

Enjoy the small things!

Many of my small things recently have been little conversations with my teens. Being fully present in those conversations. Cherishing the words they share with me. This time passes so quickly.

And so I am quiet on here and quiet on Instagram.

Because I am in a season of listening.

Listening as they speak about their future. Listening as they reminisce about moments from our many journeys.

The landscape of my home will likely look very different soon. Last week, Big Mr. finished his testing and is a certified welder. He is out interviewing and he and some buddies hope to get an apartment together sometime this summer. Mr. D graduates from high school in slightly over a week. And he has plans to move south right after that.

Suddenly my nest of three will become one.

So I am listening.

I am breathing it all in.

I am enjoying the small things.

Let your light shine!


*as part of the enjoyment of the small things, I will not be sharing a Tuesday Truth next week. My parents will be up from Florida to watch Mr. D walk across the stage next Wednesday and I will be soaking up the time with everyone (plus running around like mad preparing for graduation day). *

17 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #34

  1. Sounds exactly like my life at the moment. I’ll soon only have my 10 yr old daughter at home with me. It’s getting so hard to see each one leave, but the good thing is they’re all really happy.

  2. Hi Amy, You are a wise lady, recognizing the teen years as precious and fleeting. They are very fortunate to have you as their Mother❤️

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