Tuesday Truth #22

Tuesday Truth.

Number 22.

Maya Angelou Quote.png

Interestingly, I had planned to share a different Maya Angelou quote today. But then, I went through my photos and chose this one of a palm tree. While perusing Pinterest to verify the exact wording of the quote, I decided that perhaps I’d pick a different one that I liked. But upon researching it, that one was falsely attributed to Maya Angelou. Since I use quotes so frequently, I try to make sure that they are correctly attributed. With someone as frequently quoted as Dr. Angelou, she often gets credit for words that were not hers (so does Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, etc.).

And then I saw this quote.

Its words are fitting the swaying palm tree so perfectly. I find truth in the words of the quote. Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.

Don’t you find this to be true?

Think about how you feel as you listen to music. Or the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. Don’t you want to sway along with the sheaves of wheat as they dance in the field? The freedom in your spirit is just longing for movement.

Embrace it! Find your rhythm…and dance!!

Let your light shine!


p.s.- I have received a few questions about my quotes. All the photos you see in them are ones that I have taken. And then I hunt down quotes that I love and that I think will work well with the photos, create and voila, I share them with you!

Today’s palm tree photo is from travels back to our prior home in Jensen Beach, Florida. I’m also sharing a photo a day over on Instagram and my FB page (you can find the links to those in the sidebar) as part of my February photo challenge

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #22

  1. So gooood! I love quotes by Maya Angelou. Lately I have been more stressed than usual, and listening to music and even just dancing in the car can be like therapy, haha. It’s amazing how music and dancing is ubiquitous in all cultures and all people. Music is like a universal language. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

    1. I’m so happy that you liked it, Mackenzie. I’m sorry that you’ve been more stressed than usual! It is amazing how music and dancing can be like therapy. I love how it is a universal language and touches a spot deep in our soul.

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