Tuesday Truth #13

Tuesday Truth.

Number 13.

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feel. but old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.- j.k. rowling albus dumbledore harry potter

I thought that today’s quote was fitting as we steadily progress through the holiday season.

Remember the joy and excitement that you once felt?

Do you ever stop and act like a kid again?

I did just that on Monday.

We received 15″ of snow!

I went and sled down hills with my daughter (you might have caught that on my IG story).

We threw snowballs at each other and built mini snowmen.

We ate a handful on snow (don’t worry, it wasn’t yellow).

And then we decided to see if we could roll down the hill.

The snow was still soft, so mostly we sunk, but we kept rolling and laughing.

And it felt glorious to feel as free-spirited as a kid again.

If you need a good holiday laugh, I stumbled upon a hilarious post in my archives. It was the Christmas Caper of 1983.

I hope that you find some moments to reconnect with your inner child.

Let your light shine!



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12 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #13

  1. I am enjoying your posts, Amy……possibly the space I am in this year. I think reconnecting with your inner child never gets old. I really like and admire J.K. Rowling. Great quote for today!

    1. I am so glad that you are enjoying the posts Erica! It’s wonderful to stumble upon words that resonate with the space and phase of our journey. I often forget to connect with my inner child because I’m trying to mark things off my neverending list and think I can enjoy the moments when I get finished. This quote is a great reminder to stop and enjoy life with a childlike amazement. 🙂

  2. Oh, how I wish there had been a snow day today. I woke a few minutes before the alarm this morning, gazed at the clock in the darkness, and just kind of exhaled. It’s been a tough few days. A snow day would help.

    1. I’m sorry that the past few days have been tough. I hope that the car issue resolves itself in a way that isn’t too burdensome. And that any other kinks in this thing called life smooth out nicely!

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