Thursday Doors – The Red Door


Last week was my first week participating in Thursday doors.  While I saw many interesting doors over the course of week, timing or weather prevented my capturing of them.  I’m hoping to get back to them and find some new ones in the upcoming week.

Since I wanted to participate and I’m coming in right under the wire of the Saturday, noon deadline.  I thought I’d share my door.

I’ll tell you why I love my door.  It’s red!  Why is that significant?  Because I have always wanted a home with a red door and in my 17 years of keeping a home, this is the first one that I have had.

I began reading about feng shui many years ago and while there are tons of things I don’t understand about it, it is important to me how the house feels when I walk into it.  This would align with the thoughts of the energy flow.  I know some experts have different ideas on things and some will say things about the way the house must face, missing areas, etc.  I’ve learned that I cannot figure it all out and I try to do what lends to a feeling of comfort in my house (such as no mirrors facing the bed, no TVs in bedroom-big gasp, and other little things that I implement)

Red doors are spoken highly of in feng shui.  They make me feel happy when I see them.  I’m sure there are some house styles or colors where that wouldn’t be the case (My first house had a green shingle roof, that may have felt too much like Christmas).  We have never taken the time to change the front door color of our prior homes because we were too busy raising children or fixing more pressing items around the house.  While I didn’t pick this house because of its red door, it thrilled me that finally I would have a house with a red door.

Most homes here in Virginia have storm doors, which is something new to me.  A lot of homes in South Florida have front doors which open outward because the force of hurricane winds could blow the front door inward.  I opened the storm door for the above photo because it casts reflection and is only good if you’re going for creativity:


I love walking in this front door because this is where my family lives.  You can see the dining room table at the back of the house when you open the door.  That table is the place where we gather to talk about our day, to talk about what we have coming up, and the place where most weekends there are extra boys crowded around it eating the pancakes that I make from scratch (even though I don’t eat wheat, I don’t want to scare the boys away!)

That was the case this morning and I smiled as took the picture of this door because even though it can be VERY chaotic when you walk through, it is also brimming with love!

Let your light shine!


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16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – The Red Door

  1. I love it! The home we recently bought has a red door. A friend came over (a decorator) and said, “you’re going to paint the door a different color, right?” I said, not on your life! She’s good with it — but what else is she going to do? I love bright happy colors! Ergo, I love your red door! 😆

  2. Amy, I love red doors, too, but I think the most important thing you mentioned is that behind the door, whatever the color or whether attractive or not, lies your family and a home, not just a house. If those things are in place, the door’s just an extra bonus. I enjoyed your “reflective” photo, too, and your header photos is somewhere I’d love to be.


    1. So true! What lies behind the door of the house and makes the home is so important! The header photo is in Carolina Beach, NC. I had only been to Florida beaches before, so it was new and beautiful 🙂

  3. I remember several years ago my sister was making some changes to her house and changed her door to red. When I first heard about it I didn’t think I’d like it at all, but when I went to see her, I really, really loved it. I love yours, too 🙂

    I also really like your second photo with the reflection. Very nice!

    1. Thank you. I think at some point in my life I would have found it shocking since most homes in Florida didn’t have red doors, but they definitely bring a vibrant feel 🙂

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