Thursday Doors – St. Philips

St. Philips.

This week my Thursday Doors, once again, come from our day trip over to Southport, NC.

This church caught my eye as we drove in to Southport. 

We were looking for the visitor center so I figured I’d capture a photo of it later. 

If you’ll recall, I mentioned in my other Southport door post that the day was sweltering hot.


We had taken the 8:30 A.M. ferry from Ft. Fisher to Southport and as the day got progressively hotter, we were aiming to catch the 2:30 returning ferry. 

We ended up wanting to visit a surf shop that we passed, so we figured we’d catch the 3:15. 

We had a little time to spare after, and it was on the way, so I wanted to drive past the house that was used for Alex’s home in the movie Safe Haven (there is a pamphlet listing major filming locations). 

The GPS wanted us to go down a one-way street, which obviously wouldn’t work. 

We figured it out and drove past the house. 

The owner (or somebody) was on the front porch reading so I didn’t take a photo. 

The GPS debacle had us pressed for time so I would not be able to photograph the church.

We got to the ferry and there was a large flashing sign “The 3:15 ferry is full”.  This felt quite stressful because that means there was only a 4:00, 4:45, and 6:15 ferry trip left for the day. 

It was now 3:00.

We went back for me to photograph the church, but I also knew that it had to be done quickly because we didn’t want a repeat of the earlier scenario.

The Chapel of the Cross is at St. Philips Episcopal Church. 

According to the history at the church website, it was erected in 1843. 

In 1865, after the evacuation of Ft. Johnston by the Confederate forces, the Union seized it and used it as a hospital for their wounded. 

It was later used as a school for African-American children. 

In 1876, the church began to grow again.

The Chapel of the Cross is open for visitation, prayer, and meditation. 

I was so disappointed that I did not have time to enter. 

I would have loved to have seen the inside and felt the richness of its history as I had some moments of quiet.


In 2004, St Philips built a new church across from the Chapel. 

It was the building housing the bell tower that I had heard chiming. 

Red doors always intrigue me. 

I snapped a quick photograph and began the quick return to our vehicle.

And that was when I saw this…


A labyrinth.

I have been wanting to walk a labyrinth since I began my journey (pressing outside my comfort zones) at the beginning of this year. 

Time was not on my side that day. 

So I did place my feet upon its stones, just to feel the magnitude of stumbling across it. 

And then I scurried to our van, which you can see patiently waiting for me in the upper right.

And we made the 4:00 ferry!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my little excursion. 

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Let your light shine!



38 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – St. Philips

  1. Oh I can feel your stress about the fairy, we’ve been in that situation before.
    I love both doors, but especially the oak one. Nicely done despite being pressed for time 🙂

  2. What striking red doors! I love the windows on the old church, and the Labyrinth. We’ve been watching the Labyrinth with David Bowie, and singing Dance Magic Dance, for over a week. It’s #1 Grandson’s new favorite song.

    Glad you made the 4 O’Clock ferry!

  3. Am happy for the window above the door. It gives a lift to the heavy door – beautiful combination!I totally understand the stress with timing of the ferry. As a teen in Holland, I had a friend living on another island, so I often went, and got into situations you did:) But, the great thing is you ended up with some killer shots!

    1. I do love the windows as well. The ones on the side of the chapel were what originally drew me to see if it had a lovely door.
      It was my first time on a ferry that transports vehicles. It’s definitely a different experience to have to time it all so well.
      It worked out well that it was full to be able to pop back to the church for the photos!

    1. I don’t think I ever saw a red door on a church when I lived in Florida, but there are quite a few near where I live now in Virginia. They are quite spectacular 🙂 -Amy

    1. Thank you. We loved Southport so I think we’ll be visiting again. The next time the labyrinth will be at the beginning of the day to be sure that the ferry timeline doesn’t interfere! 🙂 -Amy

  4. well I look last week at this post – but was not able to comment because when I visit from certain links – it keeps me having to log back in and it is quite a pain – so I look and come back later if I can = and this time I was ale to. cool labyrinth and my fav doors are the red ones in that wonderful long composition. Also, enjoyed your little notes about leaving your comfort zone….

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