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This week for Thursday Doors, I dug back through some old photos.  I’m heading out for vacation tomorrow morning before the sun comes up. I’m supposed to be packing, but was looking in photo albums instead.  I really wish I wasn’t in the photo so there wasn’t proof of how I dressed in the 90’s.  But, such is life!

Given that Thursday is also a throwback day, I thought I’d throw it back to one of my first dates with the hubby.  For our first “official” date we decided to go over to the Miami MetroZoo (now called Zoo Miami).  It is listed as the only zoo in the continental United States located in a subtropical climate.  Why we decided to do that in the middle of July, I’ll never know.  We lived in Naples…Florida, so it was just a day trip.  As to be expected, it was very hot.  This was in 1998, so a lot of trees that would have provided shade had been demolished by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

There are two main ways to travel to Miami from Naples.  One is the stretch of I-75, known as Alligator Alley, that connects the two places together.  The other is by taking U.S. 41.  The section of 41 that runs from Tampa to Miami is also known as Tamiami Trail.  The section of Tamiami Trail from Naples to Miami is where the road begins running East-West as opposed to the other part being North-South.

It is a slower route since it is only two lanes, but is definitely more scenic.  We decided that we would come home that way and stop in Everglades City for a bite to eat.  We ate at the Rod and Gun Club (built in 1864) because we wanted to check out the nostalgia associated with it. It was beautiful inside, but I still remember that my “well done” burger was raw inside.  Future hubby asked if I wanted to send it back, but 20-year old me felt uncomfortable with that.  38-year old me would have sent it back since it wasn’t edible.

After we ate, we walked over to those doors!  I wanted my picture in front of the building because….THOSE COLUMNS.  This is not standard Florida architecture. It’s built in Neoclassical Revival style.  This building is the Old Collier County Courthouse.  It was built in 1928 by Barron Collier.  If you couldn’t guess by his name, he is the one that gave Collier County (which includes my hometown of Naples) its name.  The county seat was moved to East Naples in 1962 (after damage by Hurricane Donna), where a new courthouse was built.  The Everglades City building later served as their City Hall and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The photo is from 1998. The building was damaged during Hurricane Wilma in 2005 (which left my yard calf-deep in water, damaged trees, and ripped some fascia from my house) to the point of them considering demolition, but was restored.

My family has been in Collier County since the 1940’s.  It has seen a lot of changes.  A lot of landmarks in Naples have been torn down for “bigger, better, newer”, so I’m happy when I see something historical being preserved.

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15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors -Everglades City, FL

  1. I could long discuss my dislike for the way everything in Naples seems to be new and shiny. Not that they’re not beautiful examples of Neo-Italianate, but respect and honor for the past seems to be sorely lacking there. Not to mention every edifice seems to be creeping over the lawn and into the streets. Every time I go it seems to be worse. I really must stop myself.
    The Collier county courthouse and its door are lovely, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. The home my husband lived in when we met was razed during the massive growth of the early 2000’s. They did replace it with a beautiful house, but it takes almost the entire lot! We left in 2008 and while it always has some semblance of home since I was born and raised there, I miss a lot of the history 🙂

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