The Reason That November 15th Will Always be a Significant Day For Me


November 15th.

In case the title didn’t give it away, November 15th is a significant day in my life.

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time (or a year, to be exact), then you are probably already aware of why this day is significant.

Love and Death.

If you are new, or if perhaps you’ve forgotten, it’s is because today is a day filled with the acknowledgment of both love and death.

A day spent on both sides of here and now.

Remembering memories created and thinking of many memories left to create.


Today my parents celebrate the 42nd anniversary.

A time of great joy.

Proof that marriages still last.

That love is still very much alive in the world.

If you’ve never read about their love story, I wrote about it when they celebrated their 40 year anniversary.

I find it to be a beautiful love story. I may be a little biased, but I’m pretty sure that you’d agree that it’s a tale that warms the heart.

You can find that love story here.


However, it is also the anniversary of my grandmother’s death.

Today marks five years since she passed away.

She was an infinite source of wisdom and comfort for me.

Much of who I am as a woman was because of the impact that she made. Both through the way that she raised my mother and through her direct impact on my life through conversations and interactions.

I chose to share about her last year.

To honor the woman that she was.

To reflect on her importance.

You can read my thoughts in this post.

The reason that November 15th will always be a significant day for me.

I hope that if you’ve never read the posts that you find a few moments to do so. I think we all relate to the cycle of life. Thank you all for joining in my journey. Which is not a one-dimensional journey. Many of my conversations are of travel and photography, sprinkled with moments of real life.

This is real life.


Life is often about balance.

And this day more than most others is a significant day in which I do just that.

I balance joy with grief.

Let your light shine!


8 thoughts on “The Reason That November 15th Will Always be a Significant Day For Me

  1. I think it says it all when we attach the most significance to days that involve the most important and well-loved people in our lives. It means we got our priorities right ❤️

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