The Name Game

Bedlam & Daisies celebrates one year of blogging

What’s in a name?  

Most of you know me as Amy.

Some know me as mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend.  

There is one who knows me as wife.  

Not one of those names are unique, belonging only to me.

And yet, I am unique.


It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to. ― W.C. Fields

 There is not one duplicate out there who is exactly like me.  

There is no one out there who is exactly like you.  

It is in that fact that our world becomes even more amazing.

Many of our deepest motives come, not from an adult logic of how things work in the world, but out of something that is frozen in our childhood – Kazuo Ishiguro

I mentioned in another post that my blogiversary was coming up.

Today is that day.

1 year ago I set out on a blogging journey to discover me.  

To find what made me unique.  

To see if there was more to me than just the names assigned to me.

And while I didn’t arrive at an epiphany, I did make steady forward progress.

I’ve learned that I do enjoy taking photos and that this year I should actually learn the technical aspects of photography so I can achieve some of the types of shots that I haven’t mastered yet.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to need to step back and process what I’m doing to be sure that it’s the direction in which I want to continue.


One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple – Jack Kerouac

I’ve learned that there is peace in simplicity.  

I’m still purging unnecessary items from my life.  

It is a continual process, but I am learning to not become discouraged along the way.

I’ve learned that there is beauty to be found everywhere…if we just look for it.

I’ve learned that pushing my boundaries helps me to find myself.

And helps me learn more about those around me.

I’ve learned that my needs are just as important as those I care about.  

And that being kind to myself, in turn, makes me more kind to them.


Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers. -Kahlil Gibran

We have had our first snow, which I have learned to embrace by finding its beauty.

We received our passports and now I can press my boundaries and comfort zones even further.

Upcoming Travels.

Our first trip out of the country has been planned for spring break!  My first overseas adventure will be flying to Amsterdam for three nights and then taking the train to Paris to spend four nights before flying home from there.

I’m excited and terrified at the same time. My kids haven’t flown since the 13-year-old was under 2.  We did opt to pay the extra to pick our seats so I could be sure that she wouldn’t end up sitting alone.  We also paid extra for the oldest to have an “extra legroom” seat.  With him being over 6’5″, we thought that was the only option for an 8-hour flight.   The trip won’t be until mid-April (hooray for tulips in Amsterdam!).

I was a little disappointed to learn that my passport will only have one stamp even though I will have layovers in Germany and will be staying in both the Netherlands and France.  

I guess that means I will just have to take more trips!

If you have any tips on how to pack, must-see sights, places to eat (especially if you know of any gluten-free options for a picky eater), or anything else I’m forgetting… please let me know in the comments!


Travel far enough, you meet yourself. -David Mitchell

Let your light shine!





35 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. I’ve never been to Spain…(now that song is stuck in me head), nor Amsterdam, so no help there. But Paris… I would say a walk along the Seine is a must! If the weather is nice, there should be artists galore, the river should be inspiring. If time and inclination are such, take a river cruise to see the city! Best meals I had while there were non-touristy restaurants with some locals, so have no idea where they are, or what they were named…sorry on that one! HAVE FUN!

  2. It’s going to be amazing! The museums in Paris are wonderful. Spring in Paris in the parks should awesome!

    I always pack light and take one carry-on plus my personal bag. I take one or two old tops and pants that I don’t care for or are just about bare in spots and leave those behind. Leaving me room in my suitcase for shopping. I usually go with two colors that mix and match with everything, and take two pairs of shoes. One for walking and one nicer pair in case I go somewhere fancy.

    I follow Susan over at Une femme d’un certain age for style and travel stuff. She’s older than you but her clothes and travel outfits are timeless en mon avis. She’s got her travel wardrobe down to 12 pcs. plus shoes, and accessories. Underwear doesn’t count. 🙂
    You can check her out at the link:

    She’s got blog posts on shoes, bags, what to wear in the plane, and suitcases.

    Hope this helps. For me packing my camera gear is harder than clothes. 🙂


  3. I haven’t been to Amsterdam but I’ve been to Paris. Pack light. A comfortable but stylish pair of walking shoes, trench coat and nice dark pair of jeans will take you most places.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Pack light is one of the things I keep hearing that I will definitely be paying attention to. I don’t want to lug around a bunch of unnecessary stuff 🙂

  4. Wow, looks like you’ve got an exciting trip coming up! It’s a shame about the passport stamps. I renewed my passport last year, and it is a smart passport it doesn’t get stamped anymore when entering Australia from New Zealand. It is all automated – stand in front of a camera, flash, the gate opens, you walk through. Oh, and you still have to queue! Enjoy the trip build up.

  5. Amsterdam is awesome. Keukenhof Gardens are a must. Even if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, the gardens have indoor spaces where you will see tulips galore. Walk the canals and enjoy the sites. It is a beautiful city. Enjoy!

  6. Amy so exciting!! I’ve not been to Amsterdam but the others I have, some more than once. You will love it.. 2 of my daughters have been several times to Paris one lived there for 9 months and she made a notebook for me of things not to miss, things to do and not to do. Do not wear fanny or back packs or anything that makes you look like a tourist which brings peddlers and sticky fingers. Do not look the panhandlers in the eye, they use their babies to distract you. Stripes are big there, check out pinterest for packing a capsule wardrobe and keep it simple. You will adore the food the sights the ambiance. I’m so jelly!
    Be sure to go to Shakespeare and co. – its an amazing bookstore/artist den which I think you’ll appreciate.
    If you have questions for me and my experiences I am happy to answer but don’t worry either, you will be great!!

    1. I have read that about not looking like a tourist! I am trying to plan what I will take and do some shopping as my wardrobe is very lacking right now! I’m most concerned with trying to figure out a comfortable, yet stylish shoe for the tons of walking we will do.
      I will have to put Shakespeare and Co. on my list. I recently realized it will be here before I know it and all I’ve done is book the flight, train, and rooms!
      Thanks so much for the advice. I will definitely ask if I think of an questions! 🙂

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