What Is Your Mantra?

What is your mantra? Mantra: /ˈmantrə/ (noun) - a statement or slogan repeated frequently. The origin of the word mantra is Sanskrit and its literal meaning is "a thought behind speech or action". Recently I read quite a few posts about having a personal mantra and then I skimmed  read through quite a bit more. The concept [...]

What A Trip To Oude Kerk In Amsterdam Taught Me About Experientialism

What A Trip To Oude Kerk In Amsterdam Taught Me About Experientialism

  Visiting Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. And A Lesson Learned. Experientialism. First things first. What in the heck do I mean by experientialism? This is not a lesson on apologetics or whatever else may come to mind when hearing this word. Experience vs. Materialism. This is about experience vs. materialism. Experientialism is the term used [...]

In Search of Simplicity

Simplicity Lately, I've been thinking a lot about simplicity. Actually, I've been thinking about it steadily for over a year. KonMari. I heard about the KonMari method around that time, even talked about it here.  I'm a KonMari dropout... I made it through books and clothes, maybe even dabbled into the next section...and then nothing. [...]

Time Travel Tuesday- Child of the 80’s​

Child of the '80s. I love music.   Love, love, love, music.   My kids will tell you otherwise, but that's because I can't stand it playing from a phone speaker first thing in the morning.   Ok, truth be told, I can't stand much of anything in the morning. We have satellite radio in [...]