Friday Faves Edition 66

Friday. It's Friday and as promised, I'm back!! Last Friday, I was preparing to watch my oldest son graduate from high school!   Friday Faves. Sometimes the term Friday Faves doesn't seem quite the accurate statement. I definitely have some faves to share, but I also have things that are not faves (far from it, [...]

Friday Faves Edition 62

Friday. I can't believe that it's already Friday! Not only that, it's the last Friday in April!   Friday Faves. Most of my week has been checking off boxes...but they have made me feel productive so they also qualify for my Friday Faves. Over the weekend, I became more deliberate in my efforts to get [...]

Friday Faves Edition 61

Friday. Who's happy that it's Friday?! Since there's no rain in the weekend forecast, I sure am!   Friday Faves. I'm going to delve right into my Friday Faves. Vacation Clothes. I have slightly less than three weeks before I head to the U.K. and am still missing a few clothing items I'd like...namely, black [...]

Why I Celebrate International Women’s Day

Why I Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women's Day. I often talk about my beliefs about the equal rights for women. I keep it no secret that while I have chosen what many consider a "traditional" role for a woman (stay-at-home mom, household manager, chauffeur...take your pick of the many of things I do), it is exactly that...A CHOICE. A choice [...]

Friday Faves Edition 54

Friday! We've once again arrived at Friday. This week has been much better than the last two. Not without its stressors, but substantially better! I think it was because the sun came out. Is that springtime peeking its head into Virginia? I think maybe yes.     Friday Faves. This week I'll just dive into [...]