Childhood Fading

The sun is setting on her childhood. The landscape is quickly changing. One day soon, I will turn around and see a woman standing before me. I hope she never loses her adventurous spirit. The braveness that climbs as high as possible in a tree. The warrior on the soccer field. The fearlessness riding down [...]

A Little Brother

Since my baby brother's birthday is rapidly approaching, this week's throwback will be about the beginnings of siblinghood. My brother is four and 1/2 years younger (to the day) than me.  While I have faint memories here and there prior to his birth, for the most part I have no memory of life without him. [...]

I think I can

Children have an amazing imagination.  When I think back on the amazing adventures my children created with their minds when they were younger, I am in awe.  It makes me reminisce on some of the amazing adventures that my mind created. One of my earlier memories was born out of a conversation with Dad's sister.  [...]

Capturing the beauty that the eye beholds

I have always loved photography. I love that it captures a glimpse into a moment in time. It can evoke feelings, memories, and beauty that can take your breath away. I love taking photographs. I do not know composition, lighting, and all the wonderful, knowledgeable things that a true photographer learns and depicts in their [...]