Signs of Summertime

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Summertime is basically upon us.  My boys are finished with school, having high enough grades and low enough absences to be exempt from finals.  My daughter is on the countdown with half days to finish out the middle school year (exemptions are only for high school credit classes).

We are starting to make our summer plans.  Yes, I am a slacker when it come to planning far out into the future.

For me, one of the signs of summertime is watermelon.  Cool, refreshing, and, if picked just right, so sweet!  According to this chart by the  USDA-Florida, Georgia, California, and Texas account for over half of watermelon production. I used to pass watermelon fields all the time as a child.  Picking a good one is key!  Watermelon does not ripen after harvest so it is important to look for a bright skin.  You should also look for a cream colored area on its “belly” where it sat on the ground.  You can also thump it and listen for a hollow sound.  For me, this is the best indicator of ripeness.  I’m far from an expert and hate when I pick wrong.  Too pale, and there is no flavor at all.  Too ripe, and it feels like gritty mush in your mouth.  I learned how to look for one that when cut open would be deep red and dripping with juice.  Messy, yes…but, well worth it!


When I was a child, we used to have watermelon seed spitting contests amongst the younger relatives.  I went on vacation with my grandmother when I was about 10 or 11.  It was me, Jami, and a friend of hers.  We went to Ohio and have lots of crazy tales for another day.  We stopped to visit my Great Aunt on the way home.  She lived in Lake City, Florida.  We had been in the car for a long time and were a little antsy.  The adults gave us some watermelon and sent us outside. In hindsight, this was to get us out of their hair!

We went outside to eat watermelon and our cousin, who was 15, joined us.  We decided to have a seed spitting contest.  I’m actually pretty good at sending them a good way, but I wasn’t really a match for a 15 year old.  Somehow, the game began to evolve into spitting seeds at each other.  The sun was beginning to set and we were barefoot, running through the sand and grass, spitting seeds at each other.  The 15 year old had an unfair advantage of this being his home.  We lost him somewhere in the twilight, until chunks of watermelon began raining down from the sky.  Following the arc of the projectiles, we could just make out that he was high on a branch in the giant oak tree.  We declared this an unfair advantage as we were not tall enough to grab the lower branches.  We decided to join forces, the three of us sending chunks of watermelon high into the sky hoping that one would connect with him.  He scrambled out of the tree and we scurried after him, a trio on a mission.  We were filled with such exuberant joy at the freedom of being a child on the run.  We were filled with a hidden satisfaction that we were deemed cool enough by the 15 year old for him to join in on our escapades.  In the end, our hair was sticky and matted and dirt covered our feet from running through the dusty sand.  The adults laughed as they took in the messy sight and it was a wonderful end to a magnificent day.



My kids have always liked to eat watermelon in hand held pieces, cut from the rind.  Over time, I found a method that made it most efficient for me.  I quarter the watermelon. Then, I make slices through the quarter.


After this, I slice lengthwise through the peak (hence the large knife)


Then, I am able to slice the watermelon along the bottom to release it from the rind (by the way, I’m a lefty if the knife direction seems strange to anyone)


And then I can just slide it off the rind and into a bowl.  I try to always keep some in the fridge for the kids and their friends to grab after a day in the hot sun.


What are some things that signal the beginning of summer for you?

Let your light shine!


27 thoughts on “Signs of Summertime

  1. That looks delicious! I always thump them, look for a nice green skin, and I like them heavy. To me that signals lots of water so juicy. I never knew about the pale skin on the bottom, but they usually are pale there. We’ve not purchased a watermelon yet, but it’s early and they’re just showing up in the markets.

    Peaches, apricots, and strawberries signal it’s summer to me.

    1. All those fruits sound so wonderful. My daughter is a big strawberry eater. She examines all side of the packages to find the one with the maximum amount of ripe ones!

      1. We love strawberries. He-Man picked up a huge 64oz package at Costco yesterday, and today they’re very nearly gone! I left them out on the counter washed so we nibbled on them on and off all day and night!

        I’m so happy when they come back in season, and sad to see them go. Cantaloupe is another harbinger of Summer for me. Those I’ll be looking for at the market soon too!

        I only eat fruit and veg in their season so I wait a few weeks to make sure the stuff at the market is fresh and truly in season, not something purchased from a country or state that grows the item all year long.

  2. Mouth is watering right now from the pictures. Signs of summer for me is June 1 I begin to count the remaining days of school. Right now there is 21 more days. My weekends start to get busy with BBQ’S. Plus the evenings are much longer. Oh what fun.

    1. Long evenings are so nice. It was a nice perk that it is light even later in Virginia than in Florida. The trade off is less light here in the winter than there was there. Mmm…BBQ….looking forward to the summer.

  3. Thank you for instructions on how to choose watermelon. I guess I’ve had pretty good luck, but I had no idea it doesn’t continue to ripen after it’s cut! I guess whatcha get is whatcha get.
    I loved the sweet memories of sticky dirty childhood — Ah, nostalgia 🙂
    When we lived in Georgia, there were sometimes peaches for less than a quarter a pound. They were often the overripe batch, but they were wonderful for baking. I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss that. Not enough to go back, but it was a perk.

    1. I love a good watermelon! Usually I’ve had good luck. The pre-sliced has a tendency to be on either end of perfect! I love the smell of a nice ripe peach! My grandma used to make a cobbler that was so good.

  4. Love this! You have painted such a beautiful picture of of summer time with your words. I really miss the warm days this week. We have just had our first frost! Also suddenly have a craving for watermelon 🙂

      1. Haha. Yes, where we live we have cold mornings but beautiful sunshiny days thankfully, which totally helps! Hope you have a great day in the sun 🙂

  5. Mouthwatering photos – love the pip-spitting contest. Where I live in England where the weather varies from day to day (or hour to hour), a good summer is measured by how many barbecues you had. As these take place at weekends and Holidays it relies on the sun being out at those times. So the smell of a garden BBQ wafting through the window – is the real sign of Summer.

    1. The smell of BBQ is wonderful! When I lived in Florida, afternoon rainstorms were a given almost every day, but were typically short-lived. Here it can be sunny or rain for days!! 🙂

  6. We love watermelon here at home, too. One spring, the boys asked to plant a watermelon. I never learned the trick for when to pick the fruit. Anyway, with the seeds of the good one we had, we held a seed spitting contest. I lost but, like you and your cousins, we all had fun.

  7. “You can also thump it and listen for a hollow sou d.” When I was young I thought it was kind of weird but yeah,it does help picking a good one. 😊 Yumyum! Enjoy your summer, Amy! 🙂

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