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Measuring Photowall canvas print for diy framing


Photowall is a Swedish Company that sells wall murals and canvas prints. When Photowall contacted me with an offer of a mural or canvas in return for my review, I was flattered. Needless to say, before committing, I visited their website,, to read about the company.

Environmentally Friendly.

One of the first things that caught my eye about Photowall is the efforts that they put into being environmentally friendly. Their canvas material is 100% cotton. All of their production is done when ordered, so none are held in stock or discarded unnecessarily. The printing ink that they use for their wallpapers contains no solvents or hazardous materials, and is biodegradable. They recycle their waste materials. They also work with the Swedish aid organization, Vi Agroforestry. Each year, they plant 5,000 trees in the area around Lake Victoria in Eastern Africa.


Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they have a large selection of motifs from which to choose. Over 3,000 motifs, in fact! Or you can choose to have your image or illustration printed. While I loved so many of their motifs, since I take a lot of photographs, I chose to use my own image. While I think a wall mural is a stunning statement piece, I’ve shared before that we will be downsizing once the teenagers leave for college. Due to that fact, I wanted to be able to take my piece with me and chose to have a canvas print made.


Photowall offers worldwide shipping. Shipping is free in the EU. It is also free if you are ordering from the United States at or the UK at On the main photowall page, there is a dropdown box to the right of the shopping cart where you can choose these and other countries.


Canvas Print.

But as they say… “the proof is in the pudding!” You can choose a canvas print up to a size of 150 cm x 150 cm (larger if you aren’t using their framing system). On the U.S. site, that translates to 59.0551″ x 59.0551″ (close to 5′ x 5′!). Since I already had a place in mind to hang the canvas print, the size I chose was 31.5″ x 47.24″. You can get the rolled canvas only or order it with the do-it-yourself frame. I chose to order it with the frame, which is 29mm thick.


Do-it-yourself Frame.

I was a little nervous about the do-it-yourself frame, but I watched Photowall’s YouTube video and knew what to expect. The canvas comes with the corners pre-notched. A mark at 12mm is placed on each corner of the canvas and it’s between these marks that each board will be placed. The boards are peel and stick. Each side rolls in with a metal bracket and screws to hold it into place.

Seem too easy?

I thought you might think that. So I made my own video showing you that if I can do it, anybody can!

See! Easy Peasy!

Finished Product.

If using your own work, it’s suggested that you have 1 pixel for every mm of print. They give a more detailed explanation on their website. I made sure that my photo was within those parameters of quality and resolution.I was super excited with the finished product. I felt that all the colors came out just the way that I had envisioned the piece. The photo was clear and crisp (the way that it was taken). I couldn’t have been any happier with the result.

Does this photo look familiar? It was one of my favorite photographs of 2017, taken on Victoria Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Now to hang it.

Statement Piece.

I knew that I wanted this print to be a statement piece. This canvas print is the first of my photographs to be hung in our home. Choosing a photograph with a pop of color was intentional since most elements of my home are in the neutral family. I chose to hang the print at the top of the stairwell. I chose this location because it can be seen upon entry into the house, but also that door to the left is the little slanted room that is now my office. That means that each time I head up to my office I am reminded of my love for photography. This reminder makes me want to get out with my camera more often.

We loved the canvas print so much that the hubby is already asking, “which photograph are we going to have printed up next?”


Exclusive Discount.

Photowall is offering an exclusive discount to my readers for the next 30 days. You can receive a 20% discount off of their entire selection by using the discount code : AmyLyonSmithCampaign2018.

disclaimer: I received a canvas print free of charge in return for my review. All opinions are my own.


Let your light shine!



22 thoughts on “Photowall Review

    1. Thanks Jai! I was amazed by their selection and loved that you could also use your own photos and illustrations. Spicing up the decor is always fun!! 🙂

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the review.
      I’ve always been nervous to enlarge my images because I’m still learning about what size each image can be enlarged to with comprising its quality. I liked that photowall explained it and that their explanation proved accurate.
      Canvas prints really do add an extra element to your photographic enlargements. I hope you get a chance to print some of your photos on canvas! 🙂

  1. Thanks for your review. What do the edges of the canvas look like? Could it be hung unframed? I’m just about to order a canvas print from Photowall. Wish me luck!

    1. In one of the photos and in the video, you can see the edges of the canvas. They are notched to be framed. The edges of most canvases are not smooth. I hope this helps. Best of luck!!

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