39 thoughts on “Glaciers of Greenland

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t expecting it and it was quite amazing to see. I’m so happy that it happened to be daytime travel!

    1. I love your photos!! I’m so happy that my post brought back memories for you. The glaciers are breathtaking! 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne! It was definitely unforgettable! I’m flying a different airline this year when we travel to the UK, so I suspect that I won’t be seeing it then.

      1. It depends on the location of the jet stream and the air route that flight has been assigned, and the cloud cover … not to mention that I always prefer an aisle seat. Yeah – there are many reasons why I don’t get that wonderful view!

      2. We were lucky that the airline had only recently started that route. We each had the entire row to ourselves on the return flight!

    1. Thanks Deborah!! It was an amazing AND UNEXPECTED sight and quite beautiful to behold.

    1. Thank you! We took off from Iceland so I don’t know if we eventually cruised higher, but it was amazing to see!!

      1. We had a good flight from Miami to Edinburgh with them last year. This year, we’ve found a direct flight with another airline and will fly into London instead. 🙂

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