Friday Faves – “Words” Edition


Power of Words.


I can’t believe we are already almost through the month of March.

It’s only 3 more Fridays before I leave for Europe.

I’m beginning to get serious about my to-do list.

It’s much longer than the one above, but those are some of the things I need to start working on.  And yes, one of the flights changed their aircraft, thereby switching our seats.  It says they gave us comparable ones… however, they did not give an extra-legroom seat to 6’5+” man-child that we purchased one for.

My mom and I are also getting closer to booking the tickets for our trip.  I was starting to get a little panicked about that trip away from my kids and the logistics of it, and then my amazing husband stepped in and reminded me that sometimes I need to do things for myself.

Overall, it’s been a crazy week… so I needed to find a little humor!



I thought this sign was hilarious.  I shared in this post, that yoga is my favorite form of exercise.  I’ve also been taking Pilates and am really enjoying that.

Recently, my niece mentioned that she has taken a PiYo class and a few days later somebody mentioned PiYo to me on Twitter.

PiYo=Pilates and Yoga.

Have any of you taken this type of class?

I watched a few YouTube videos, but mostly just heard about body transformation, not what is involved in the class.

Side Rant.

I’m not a huge fan of body transformation videos because they usually involve one of my pet peeves.  One that I’ve even witnessed in fitness magazines.  If somebody’s weight is shared…PLEASE include their height. It’s lovely that they weigh 110 lbs, but I can tell you at 5’8″ and with my bone structure, that would be an unsafe weight for me.  Or it’s shared that they wear a size 2… I was extremely thin in high school…and a size 2 was smaller than any size I wore. And yes, you hope people will use common sense, but number fixation can become a problem.

Ok!  Now that I got that off of my chest…

Back to humor!

Rabbit Holes.

Yes, this tray sums up numerous aspects of my life.

I am known for going down rabbit holes of information. YouTube…Pinterest…Google…doesn’t matter which it is, I can always get lost in it.



I also managed to find some sunbeams of sunshine and got lost with my nose buried in a book.

Alex + Ani.

I’ve shared before how much I love Alex + Ani bracelets.  I like the messages that they represent.  I usually have a few that I have my eye on, waiting for some type of special.

Recently, there was a special and I took advantage.

I think the words that we speak to ourselves or see throughout the day have a tendency to become reminders and “Live a happy life” is something I want to strive toward.

I also liked that this was a Charity by Design piece, contributing to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation which helps cancer patients and their families.


If you know me and my love for photography, then the reason I’ve been eyeing this bracelet is self-explanatory.  Its element of sea-like green color is a nice pop and is one of my favorite colors as well.

The special offered was this bracelet for free with a certain dollar amount spent.  And again, this was a message that speaks directly to who I am.

I need my moments of solitude to recharge.

Moments for creativity to take root.

Moments to process the plans for my upcoming trips.

And also moments to find a little humor before plunging headlong into the chaos again.


So lastly, the song that I’m loving this week:

I like this song, but the main reason for it being my choice this week is the lyrics.  Or rather, what  I thought the lyrics were.  My dad owned the tape (yes…before CD’s…and way, way before MP3’s).  It was a different beat than most of the music he owned and I would listen to the tape over and over. And on this song, instead of “Karma”, I would sing “Cumma, Cumma, Cumma, Chameleon” and instead of  “Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams / Red, Gold, and Green”, I would sing “nothing would be easy, if you coming was like my dreams, my golden dreams”.

I was probably between 7 and 9 years old and I still think about singing it that way and laugh every time I hear this song.

I totally thought the song was about going somewhere.

Over to You.

What about you?

Did you find anything humorous this week?

Ever sing any lyrics incorrectly?

Do you require moments of solitude?

I hope that you find some moments of laughter and some of solitude in the upcoming week.

Let your light shine!


17 thoughts on “Friday Faves – “Words” Edition

  1. Hello Miss,
    I hope you won’t mind a man leaving you a comment? The truth is, Boy George and the Culture Club video gave me the courage to reply! I used to love that song back in the day, still do. I’m a bit older than you, and I didn’t know the correct words either, but I still sang loud and proud! The fellas at the job site just shook their heads at my crooning. I thought your re-collection was funny. By the way, I lived in Europe once-upon-a-time. I know you and your family will enjoy it immensely. April in Paris really is more than a song sang by Doris Day… it’s simply beautiful if you get the chance to visit.
    My best to you, and thanks for the Boy George memory.

    1. I love comments from everyone!
      Some of my Friday Faves do include things for men too. 🙂
      There are probably tons of songs that I have sang the incorrect words to, but this one leaves such a vivid memory because I was a grown woman before I learned the “red, gold, and green” part! I’m also pretty sure that instead of “you string along”, I thought it was “you sing along”….and I generously complied. I’m glad that it took you back to memories of your own!
      Part of our trip will be in Paris which I am very excited about. The other part is in Amsterdam and I am eager to see the tulips in bloom. 🙂

  2. My kids are big fans of whatever the “Misheard Lyrics” thing is on Buzzfeed so I get exposed to some interesting stuff. Red Hot Chili Peppers, most of it, what the what? I love the music, but omaword.
    The bracelets are very you. Enjoy 🙂
    Perhaps you should let the interwebz help you determine your ‘must sees?’ I bet if you ask, people have PILES of opinions to help narrow or expand your list.

    1. I’m definitely going to have to check out the “misheard lyrics”! My kids love showing me the latest “Bad lip reading”. Those are hilarious!!
      I have tons of pinterested itinerary and and must see lists. I need to start sifting through them. lol 🙂

    1. Thank you Carly. 🙂
      We will be spending 3 days in Amsterdam and then taking the train down for 4 days in Paris.
      I am very excited! We recently got our passports which was one of my “before I turn 40” goals.
      My husband is the only one of us who has ever been outside the United States so it’s going to be quite the adventure. 🙂 -Amy

  3. Amy Lyon Smith I certainly enjoy your humour (by the way this is how humor is spelled in Europe). Which reminds you like you a lot less as you ate going on an eoropean hiliday and I am not. Hpwever regardless of my green hue: ENJOY IT!

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