Friday Faves Edition 59


It’s Friday!

I don’t know what that means for all of you, but for me, it means we’ve officially entered into Spring Break vacation mode.

Which for Friday, means cleaning, squaring things away, and packing…and then driving up to D.C. so we can catch an early flight tomorrow morning to Aruba!!


Friday Faves.

But I didn’t want to head out on the road without sharing some of my Friday Faves.

The week has mostly been about taking care of things before we head out on vacation. I did make the announcement for my April Challenge and I edited some photos from our last snow to share for Wordless Wednesday. I also dug into the archives to share my photos of the Mercat Cross in Edinburgh for Thursday Doors.

I will have a few posts scheduled for next week, but I will likely be slow in responding to comments. Thank you for bearing with my slow replies this week as I prepped for the trip.

Just know that I love hearing from you all!

I will not be back with Edition 60 of Friday Faves until April 13th. Which just means, more to share!


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My most recent series on Instagram was a trio of some beach sunsets that I have loved. I thought it was appropriate since I am about to head out on a beach vacation.

I knew the type of quote that I was seeking to go with the photo and when I found the one above, I knew that it conveyed my feeling about the photo.

If you are on Instagram, I will be trying to share many of the sights in Aruba through my Instagram Stories.



This was from one of my Instastories. Miss Sunshine needed some sunglasses to wear in Aruba, and since I’m obsessed with sunglasses, I got a new pair as well.

I think my old pair (my go-to ones) got mad, because the next day, the frame cracked and the lens fell out.



My mother-in-law is watching our puppy, Maverick, while we are away. I tease her that she loves dogs more than humans. I took him over to her house yesterday. Her birthday is April 1st, which falls on Easter Sunday this year. She was teasing me because we won’t be here for her birthday. I teased back, telling her that we’d be snorkeling that day and I’d think of her.

It was her idea to offer up some “duck lips”. Unlike me, she doesn’t share her age…but she looks amazing. I think she should shout it from the rooftops, but until she relents, I’ll maintain her wishes.



After my trip to my mother-in-law’s, I was off to Miss Sunshine’s soccer game. After all this time, I still struggle with “position names”. Her middle school coach has a formation in which she calls herself midfield, but in other formations, I think it’d be called a left forward. I just know that she’s up top, left side (she’s left-footed), but she does run more of the field than a forward might.

She’s had some assists and some shots on goal during this middle school season, but yesterday, she scored her first goal. It was beautiful! I’m biased, but it was still a beauty. Mostly because I love watching her turn on her speed. She was behind…then she was passing…and then she insanely in front of them…the goalie was coming forward thinking they might get it…I knew if she took the shot that it would go in…I stood up in the stands….she shot…she scored…I screamed.

I didn’t think to turn on the phone to record it. She did ask because she wanted to see how fast she was.

However, that, my friends, is being in the now.

I did record something to share with ya’ll though. It’s a time lapse from this morning’s plank challenge. Be kind. My talenti gelato YouTube has 2500 views (which in itself is just crazy to me) and 25 thumbs down. Really? Thumbs down. That just seems so mean. This is one reason why I rarely add to YouTube.

Plank Challenge.

I made it!! 5 minutes!!

I really thought I’d be coming to you all this morning saying that I had to throw in the towel on the final day. That I couldn’t even attempt any of it. Sometime in the middle of the night, while having a strange post-apocalyptic dream about checking floors of a hotel (I’m pretty sure the floor number scenes in the elevator were my clues), my right shoulder starting killing me. I woke up to the fact that it was indeed killing me. I adjusted its position. By this morning it hurt a little less, I took some Advil and decided to attempt it.



And I was victorious.


I may have shared this song in the past, but this was the final song that I listened to for day 30 of the plank challenge. Most songs are not 5 minutes long. You can hear it in the actual video of the challenge, but it had to come out when I sped it up.

Mountains of Men is a band out of Stockholm, Sweden that describes themselves as Alternative folk rock and stuff.


For those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope that it is a glorious day. If you don’t, I hope that you have a glorious Sunday.

I hope that you have an amazing week ahead.

Remember that you are always stronger than you think.

In body.  In mind. In spirit.

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you should have always been. - David Bowie

Let your light shine!


25 thoughts on “Friday Faves Edition 59

    1. I plan to take a lot of photos!!
      We are having an awesome time so far. I hope you have an amazing day. 💕

    1. Thanks Deborah! I was never so happy to make it to the end of Challenge (maybe Novemeber’s. lol).
      We are having an awesome time so far. I think we are going to do a little more exploring over the next few days, so I should have more to share. 😊

    1. Sorry that I didn’t respond to the second part. I have the hardest time responding to comments on my phone!! I’m so glad to see that you did use it!!! I’m trying to get all caught up on posts and comments! 🙂

    1. Thank you Marcus! We are having a great time so far. I hope you all had a great trip to Austria. -Amy

    1. Thank you so much!! We had a wonderful time! At this time, I am not doing awards, but I am most thankful and honored that you would think of me!! <3

  1. Not gonna lie, but I am so thankful that March is over and I won’t have to do those damn planks every day again! I did get to 2 minutes, but still. Anyway thank you for the challenge. While I hated it, I loved it. Congrats on the girls first goal. I think I was just as proud for each of the kids first goals. Especially in high school. It is so much fun to watch as they just grow into some real good players from their first practice to their last match. I wish I could go back and time lapse that. Hope you have a great, safe and totally relaxing trip. Completely jealous, but then again, I am jealous of anyone who goes anywhere it’s warm. Especially when I just now heard snow on Monday. Seriously? Thanks for your Favs, as usual it’s hard to go a Friday without stopping in! Be safe!

    1. I’m so glad the challenge is over!!! I think 2 minutes is great. I doubt I will ever attempt to hold one beyond a minute or two in the future!!
      It was exciting for the girlie. She used played a left forward for quite some time, but when our age bracket structure changed, she became a defender. I like that she’s a diverse player, but it is fun to see her back in that original place.
      I’m sorry to hear that you will be getting snow. Hopefully it will shift and miss! We are having a fun time so far. I’m hoping to have lots to share when we return.

  2. Congrats on your five minute plank! Look at Amy, lookin all strong!
    Enjoy Aruba. I’m still enjoying the cool weather 😉
    I can only imagine people are upset that you opened your gelato so easily — but not thumbs-down! We’ve bought plenty and it seems sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. It’s always worth it!

    1. Thank you Joey! I don’t think a five minute plank will be in my future ever again. 😂. But I’m happy that I did it.
      Some of my crew went to the gelato shop last night. I skipped it, but they said it was tasty!
      We are having a great time so far! I hope you get to keep your cool weather for a bit. 😉

    1. Thanks Jonathan! I definitely wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but I’m so glad that I did. However, I will NOT be attempting a five minute plank again. lol.

  3. I’m so impressed by the 5 min plank.sseriously. that’s incredible. Hope you are having fun on your trip. I’m enjoying seeing your insta stories x

    1. Thanks Dee!! I was relieved to be finished and I did not miss them one bit on my trip! We had a great time in Aruba. I’m hoping to get caught up on posts and comments (and laundry) and then be able to start processing the photos that I captured. xx

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