Friday Faves – Edition 46


Friday Faves.

It’s already Friday. I hope that if you celebrated Christmas that it was a lovely day. We went to a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service and had our traditional Christmas Eve feast. The number of teens who stayed home to watch The Polar Express has steadily dwindled. Only one this year. We got to sleep into a reasonable hour on Christmas morning. I must admit this is a nice aspect about your children growing into teenagers.

My hubby and teens are still on vacation and want to be entertained spend quality family time together, so I’m popping in briefly to share some of my faves.

As promised in last week’s faves, the gift that I ordered for Miss Sunshine from Sephora.

Surratt RelevΓ©e Lash Curler.

Miss Sunshine just turned 14 in October. She seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps in that she is not yet interested in wearing a full face of makeup. Over the summer, she discovered curling her eyelashes and wearing mascara. She felt like the eyelash curler she was using didn’t quite fit the curve of her eye. I did a bit of homework and discovered the Surratt RelevΓ©e Lash Curler. It was recommended as fitting the most eye shapes. She tried it out Christmas morning and was very impressed with how it worked, even without mascara.

I’ve also read that curling your eyelashes is a quick and easy way to perk up your eyes if you look tired. I have not used an eyelash curler very often. In the past, my eyelashes had a tendency to touch my sunglasses with just mascara. I did try the curler, but Miss Sunshine said I wasn’t squeezing hard enough! I’ll probably try it again.

Have you ever used an eyelash curler? How do you get over the fear that you might pinch your eyelid or rip all of your lashes out?!

Aura Cacia Essential Oils.

I got a diffuser a few months ago. I only had one essential oil blend. The hubby surprised me with a collection of essential oils. The sweetest part is that he actually researched what the top ones to own were. He gifted me with peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, frankincense, and lavender essential oils. I’ve been on Pinterest looking for different types of blends.

What is your favorite way to use essential oils? I’m thinking of making some rollerballs with essential oils in a carrier oil.

Sony FE 50 mm f/1.8

I’ve been talking about how I want a 50 mm prime lens with a f/1.8 aperture. Quite often called the nifty fifty, the lenses are often a staple in a photographer’s lens collection. I kept waffling on which brand I would use. The hubby got me the Sony lens for Christmas. I love that he researched it enough to know what the complaints against it were (a little slow and noisy when focusing), but thought that even if in the long run I decided on a different lens, this would help me know if I loved this type of prime lens.

He was so right! And I am so in love! The zoom lens that I purchased with my Sony Alpha 7 II only went to a f/3.5. The f/1.8 allows me to create the background blur that I had been seeking. I still have so much to learn about photography…mostly lighting and settings (of course those are major components to photography), but I’m having so much fun with this lens.

The bokeh of the Christmas lights in this shot of Maverick made me very happy. I also took some shots of the family and may actually begin to enjoy portrait photography with this lens’s capabilities.

Nature and landscape photography.

Of course, my original love for photography was capturing the outdoors.

I had been getting frustrated by my lack of skills with my mirrorless DSLR and its learning curve. This lens made me excited about photography again.

I love the details that this lens captures. I plan and getting out into nature more and putting this lens to the test.

The song I chose this week is actually by a fellow blogger. Miriam over at Out an’ About has made a song in a collaboration that you can read about in her post here. It is an ode to Old Man Winter (a poem originally written by Deb from Once Upon A Hotflash.) As Miriam mentions, it can also reflect other relationships or inner turmoils.

Winter is just beginning to set in here. I have to remind myself not to go into full hibernation mode since that is not healthy for me.

Do you all have any big New Year’s Eve and Day plans?

If you saw my announcement of my January Challenge,  then you have a little idea of what my New Year’s Day will entail.

2017 was a year full of growth for me.

I’m looking forward to 2018.

I think it’s going to be an even bigger year of growth and stepping outside of comfort zones for me.

How are you envisioning 2018 for yourself?

I hope that you all have an amazing day and weekend and I’ll see you in the New Year.


Let your shine!


24 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 46

  1. Hi Amy, what a lovely surprise to find my and Deb’s song featured here together with all of your other favourite things. So kind of you. It sounds as though you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you a very happy year ahead in 2018. πŸ’–

    1. Hi Miriam! It was a beautiful song. I was happy to find a “new to me” song to share as we roll into the new year. I thought this one fit beautifully. I hope that you have a happy new year as well!! xx-Amy

    1. I appreciate the commentary on the photography Jonathan. I tend to be hard on my own work so it is much appreciated when someone feels that it is good.
      You have a good eye…I’ve seen your Instagram. I’m sure you’d enjoy the process with a camera! πŸ™‚

  2. I commented twice and both times it didn’t post. SIGH! I wrote lengthy relies too. πŸ™

    Shall I try again? I will since you brought up two of my favorite things; make up and camera gear. πŸ™‚

    Eyelash curlers- I think I have small eyes so about 20 yrs ago I bought the Shiseido eyelash curler and love it! I get curl that lasts all day long. About 4 years ago I thought I try a new fangled heated eyelash curler. It’s not my favorite. I am using my Shiseido curler.
    I remember how excited I was to finally be able to wear make-up. I used to play in my Mother’s make-up all the time. From a very early age actually, but she wouldn’t let me wear it until I was 14. Then it was just mascara and a light lipstick. I still love make-up and buy probably way more than I’ll ever use in my lifetime.

    Gear: How exciting for you to get the new lens! The 50mm has always been in my bag, but I don’t really “see” in that focal length so it doesn’t get much use.
    I’m a huge fan of the wide aperture lenses, and Shallow Depth of Field, but reach for other lenses when shooting with those parameters. I am looking forward to seeing you use the lens and reading your thoughts about it as you use it and continue to grow as a photographer.

    I splurged on a new lens myself…not gifted. I wouldn’t ask for it. Nikon was having a sale on refurbished lenses and one I’ve been having a case of NAS for for several years was on sale. I bought the 24-120mm f/4 to replace my very old 28-105mm lens. It has served me well, but I’ve longed for something wider, and a bit longer, and since upgrading to the newer cameras my old 28-105mm isn’t performing that well. It’s showing its flaws.

    Essential Oils: I’ve been using the Lavender one for about a month on my Wool Dryer Balls. Oh how happy I am to have found these little wonders! I put a few drops on them and when my clothes, sheets, or towels come out of the dryer they smell so nice. Before finding these little gems I used Whiffle balls in the dryer to fluff and dry my clothes faster. The wool dryer balls don’t clunk and thump nearly as loud as the whiffle balls do!

    I read about your Vegetarian self challenge coming in January. I eat 2-3 meatless meals a week but that’s about my limit. I love fish, chicken, and the occasional steak too much to go completely vegetarian. I hope you find a whole lot of really yummy recipes in January. I know Asian cuisine has lots. I know Indian cuisine has a lot. I could that everyday, but would add some chicken or lamb too. πŸ™‚

    I better go. I’m writing an epistle!

    I wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year Amy! xx

    1. When you said that you commented twice, I was worried they may have been sent to spam. Sure enough, there they were. I have plans to change my theme. It makes me nervous about the process when things are randomly going places they shouldn’t!!

      The eyelash curler worked beautifully for Miss Sunshine, which is what makes me know that I will attempt it again. I always played in make-up. I had a very long bus ride to school, which meant very early mornings so sleep was more important than make-up and hairstyle most days. lol. I have more makeup than I use. Once the fine lines showed up, I’ve struggled to find makeup that I don’t feel like is settling in the creases and making them more noticeable.

      I will need to add a longer zoom as well. My current lens is 28-70. Sometimes I feel those limitations since the two lenses I had for the Nikon ranged from 18-200.

      I have been looking at making dryer balls. The static electricity in the winter up here is killer. I’d never used dryer sheets, but had to resort to some to keep our clothes from looking like cling wrap. Miss Sunshine is very sensitive and so everything I use is perfume, scent….etc. free. She says lavender makes her sneeze, but I may have her find a scent that she can add to the fluffing of the clothes.

      I don’t think that in the end I will go completely vegetarian, but I’m not sure I have many meatless days and think this will jumpstart me into finding meals.

      I wish the same happy and healthy New Year for you and yours!! xx-Amy

      1. 3 people have now found my comments in spam. I wonder what changed when I switched themes? It seemed to work perfect the first day I switched. I can’t think of a setting that would put my comments in spam. I’ll have to do a search and see what I can find.

        Oh making your own dryer balls would be neat! I hope you find a scent Miss Sunshine can handle and you all like for the fluffing of clothes. πŸ™‚

      2. I thought it was more on my end with some behind the scene tweaks I made, but if it happened on other people’s pages, maybe not. I hope you don’t have any more problems!
        I’ve seen how to make dryer balls on Pinterest. I’ll have to see how easy it is because I am DIY challenged. πŸ™‚

      3. I was reading up about managing comments and spam since I switched themes some blogs may see me as spam, my comment may be flagged as spam and if that happens the blog owner has to go in and click that I’m not spam. Maybe my verbose comments on the 3 that got tagged as spam is what did it? Economy of words is normally me, but sometimes I like to chat. πŸ™‚

        Making your own Dryer Wool Balls would make them really special. They would make neat gifts too.
        If they aren’t harder than sewing I might be able to make them even. πŸ™‚

        How expensive would making them be? I haven’t shopped for wool yarn ever.
        I bought a pack of New Zealand wool dryer balls for just under $17.00 USD. Would the cost be the same or nearly?

  3. That fence photo is lovely. Thanks for sharing. And I loves me an eyelash curler. Some days, I curl and go. Some days, I curl and put on mascara. A lil’ foundation, if my dark circles are showing, and I’m off! I’m not a big make-up person, but they do the trick.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you!
      I’m going to have to test out this eyelash curling theory. Anything to look fully awake without to much work! lol.

      Happy New Year!

  4. I have been addicted to my eyelash curler since 1993. Yes, it’s like that. Like you, I have long eye lashes and not only does the curler make them not hit my glasses, it also makes me look ALIVE! lol I do it every day. Brush teeth, curl eyelashes. Of course, some days, mascara too. I have had the basic from Revlon, some 20 years now, and buy the refill pads. Several years ago, my Beauty Queen friend bought me a fancy schmancy one and girl, I LOST HALF MY LASHES on my left eye! Never again!
    Lavender everything in my bedroom. Lavender roll on, lavender linen spray, hand cream, and then MY clothes, in the dryer with lavender on my woollies.
    Beautiful photos, Amy! Nice bokeh, great fence! πŸ™‚

    1. It didn’t occur to me that curling them would make them not his my glasses. I always assumed that it was for more volume and didn’t think I needed it (today’s pics with extensions and additions makes me think mine aren’t so voluminous. lol). I’m pretty sure the Revlon one is what we have. Miss Sunshine found it in my drawer. I have no idea when I bought it or if I ever used it. She loves the new one. If I lost half my lashes, I would freak!
      I love lavender. I used have it as a pillow spray. I have it for some bedtime lotion. I used to bathe the kids in it when they were tiny. There’s a lavender farm not too far from here that I’m hoping to visit this spring.
      I’m glad you liked the photos!!
      I hope you have a wonderful New Year Joey!

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