Friday Faves – “Hippy” Edition



“Hippy” Edition.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me this week has flown by.

Here we are, it’s Friday already!

I went to Pilates this morning and then went shopping!

Most of you may know that I’m traveling to Amsterdam and Paris over spring break.

I did have some luck finding some clothes.

I’ll have to share those finds in a future post.


I love sunglasses.

But I also tend to beat them up.

And I am not careful with them.

I put them on top of my head when I walk indoors (not metal ones… they eat my hair while they are up there.

Learned that one the hard way.

I have been known to lose a few pairs in the ocean.

This tendency is something that I know about me.

I don’t have a strong desire to change that.

And so, I refuse to spend high $$$ on sunglasses.  I check Marshall’s and TJMaxx every time I go and grab some if I like them.

Today, I found the cuties up above (and another pair that are tortoiseshell…I’m sure they’ll make a debut in the future).  I just loved the heart detail and they fit nicely.


Hippy Shop.

After that expedition, I headed over to a local store called A Little Bit Hippy.  This store has really cool stuff.  I had to take a photo of the counter… because, how cool is that mosaic!   Mirror…buttons…  And in case you missed it, the entire floor is pennies!


It was one of the first stores I found out about when I moved here.  A chance run-in with the shop owner, at the orthodontist of all places.

She recognized that my tote was Natural Life and told me I should check out the store.  I was not disappointed!

I have been known to pop in and pick up gifts here since the items are unique.

Naked Bee.

I had owned some Naked Bee lotion prior to coming to Virginia. As a Florida girl who grew up near orange groves, Orange Blossom is one of my favorite scents!  I decided to smell some of the other scents today.  I will tell you that I have owned the Orange Blossom & Honey lip balm and it just wasn’t for me.  Something about the scent on my lips, I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would.  But that’s just me!  You may love the lip balm and it’s awesome that they are made with “all the good stuff…and none of the bad stuff”.




I was in love with this sweatshirt!

However, I needed to get home so I didn’t take the time to try it on.

I may have to go back!

Mermaids, people!

This ocean loving girl loves her some mermaids.


Nose Piercing.

Those are not today’s sunglasses in my selfie, just another of my collection.  It was just one that I found that showed my nose piercing.  In case you’ve missed it, I have one.

I have wanted my nose pierced since I was 17. I worked with a girl who had moved from Seattle and she had hers pierced.  She had always wanted it done after seeing the girls and women from India in magazines who had it pierced (this was before the internet was commonplace).  I really liked how it looked, but I was always concerned with how it would be perceived.

And finally, two years ago, I decided if somebody was judging me on a piercing, then they probably weren’t somebody that I cared to know.

I’ve been pretty upfront about the fact that I am laid back when it comes to fashion and beauty.

If I had to sum up what my perfect style would be, I would probably be likely to pick Boho.

That would be my dream fashion, not necessarily the fashion that I now own.

They also have a dread salon at the store.  Dreads are not for me, but I know people who love them.  I have a son determined to have them at some point.  However, I am a lover of braids.  If the hair stylists for the women on The 100 or Vikings could just come over and do my hair every day…. that would be ahh….mazing! 🙂


Natural Life.

Natural Life accessories fit right in with my vibes.

Remember, last Friday, I told how I loved Natural Life and needed to add the Bandeau to my collection?  I knew they would have them here as well.

I did not go home empty handed and it’s probably good that I left when I did.  They have a jewelry section that I just did not have time to thoroughly peruse.


I decided to try Jasmine & Honey lotion this go round.  It smelled really good.  I don’t like overpowering air fresheners so I am hoping this air freshener is truly as mild as they say (fingers crossed).



The song I’m loving this week is by an artist who was the reason I wanted a hoop vs a stud in my nose piercing.  I was 18 or 19 when the song came out. And I loved its message.

I think it also makes you stop and recognize the importance of each person that you pass.  How do you see that person?  How do you treat that person?

Offer a smile.

For someone, that could be a defining ray of hope.

Let your light shine!


11 thoughts on “Friday Faves – “Hippy” Edition

  1. What a great lil shop 🙂
    I never spend real money on shades, either. In the past, every time I did, I lost them or broke them quickly. It’s $10 sunny g’s at the Walgreens for me 🙂

  2. I really like funky little stores like this that always seem to have something new to peruse every time you go in. This is one that could easily be a favourite of mine too.

    Have you tried your bandeau yet? Do you like them?

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