Down the Line

Leading Lines.

This week’s Lens-Artists Challenge is hosted by Tina at Travel and Trifles. The challenge this week is to share photos incorporating the compositional element, Leading Lines.

I was excited to see this as the challenge since it is one of my favorite elements to use. I had many examples that I could share but decided to cull it to ten.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge.

Location: 1st NW. Roanoke, VA.

Given that today is the day that the U.S. celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day, I thought this photo from my current city would be the perfect opener.

Carvin’s Cove Dock.

Location: 9744 Resevoir Rd. Roanoke, VA.

Along with the first photo, this photo was taken during my A-Z photo challenge in February 2018. It was a crisp winter day and the shoreline of the lake was frozen. There wasn’t any wind and no kayakers had arrived yet so the water was still, reflecting the mountains perfectly.

Folly Beach Pier.

Location: 101 E. Arctic Ave. Folly Beach, SC.

It was a foggy day in Folly Beach. You can just make out the coastline and the horizon through the gray.

I loved how the pigeons arranged themselves just perfectly for me (except #5, he was a little grumpy and refused to look longingly toward the sand).

Second Presbyterian Church.

Location: 342 Meeting Street. Charleston, SC..

This church was an outgrowth of the First (Scots) Presbyterian Church. It was built in 1811.

I like the way the trees helped frame the shot, taking you right up the path and to the door.

Hyde Park in London

Hyde Park.

Location: Hyde Park. London, England.

It rained for most of my two days in London. I loved how the wetness added interest to this shot.

The Queen's Hamlet at the Palace of Versailles

Queen’s Hamlet at The Palace of Versailles.

Location: Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France.

The Queen’s Hamlet was one of my favorite places at the Palace of Versailles. For more, check out this post: The Queen’s Hamlet. There are also other posts in my archives from our visit to the Palace of Versailles.

Stirling Castle wall - Stirling Scotland

Stirling Castle.

Location: Stirling Castle. Stirling, Scotland.

On my first trip to Scotland, we took the train up to Stirling Castle for a day trip. You can see more from that trip in these posts: Day Trip to Stirling Castle, Doors of Stirling, and The King’s Old Building at Stirling Castle.

The Cloisters at University of Glasgow

The Cloisters.

Location: The University of Glasgow. Glasgow, Scotland.

When I traveled to Scotland, I already knew that The Cloisters were on my “must-see” list and they did not disappoint.

For more from the University of Glasgow, check out these posts: The Cloisters at University of Glasgow and The University of Glasgow.

Mural on the University of Strathclyde Grahams Hill Building in Glasgow, Scotland


Location: University of Strathclyde. Glasgow, Scotland.

I love street art. Glasgow is filled with many murals. I love how this one takes you through a story down the building. For this mural and others in Glasgow, check out these posts: Murals of Glasgow and Walking the Mural Trail in Glasgow.

Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh Scotland

Holyrood Abbey.

Location: The Palace of Holyroodhouse. Edinburgh, Scotland.

And lastly, my visit to Holyrood Abbey. These ruins were just breathtaking. I just love old architecture. You can see more photos from this visit by checking out this post: Visiting Holyrood Abbey.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. - Dorothea Lange. Photo quote placed over photo of Victoria Street in Edinburgh Scotland

What are your favorite “rules” of composition?

Let your light shine!


31 thoughts on “Down the Line

    1. Thank you, Deborah! The archways in Scotland were some of my favorites!

      I do use the rule of thirds as well. I’m not sure I’ve ever intentionally used triangles although I’m sure they probably exist in some of my photos. I may have to experiment with this one! πŸ™‚

  1. Huh – if I was to look through my photos, I would see many similar ones to these above. Apparently I really like leading lines too and didn’t even know it πŸ™‚

    Add my vote for the photo with the pigeons. I love it when nature cooperates with me for a photo like this!

    1. I think that we probably use the “rules” without recognizing we’re doing it because that’s what is most pleasing to the eye. I didn’t know about the “rules” when I started photographing. I just chose my composition based on what I thought might look best.

      Right?! Nature, especially the moving types, rarely cooperate. I was very grateful they chose to stay still. πŸ™‚

  2. These are wonderful from start to finish Amy. I agree, combining good instincts with knowledge of compositional suggestions is a very powerful skill set. Clearly your instincts are right on the money!

    1. Thank you! Hyde Park looks like the perfect place to jog. I would have loved to have wandered around more. I was only in London for two days. Not nearly enough time for all that I would want to see. πŸ™‚

  3. Excellent! I love archways of course, but my favorite in this great gallery is – the pigeon line. The blur of the sea and the fading colours – so great.

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