Doors of London

Walking tour of beautiful doors of london


On my most recent travels to the UK, I visited London for the first time.

We only had two days in London, but they were two full days….and, boy did we fill them!!



I knew that I would find a plethora of beautiful architecture in London, which would also include some amazing doors.

In this department, London did not disappoint!

Looking for doors was not the only thing that I did in my jam-packed two days, yet I still managed to have enough photos of doors that I will have to share them in more than one series.


Today’s series of doors is from a walk that we took in Belgravia

(According to the map. I admit to being confused by the breakdown of the quadrants on London. There was a sign that we passed on Bourne Street that said The Royal Borough of Kensington on Chelsea, so I assumed that I was in Chelsea).

JPEG image-0E20687B5D66-1.jpeg

But on with the tour…

On my list of “must see” items were some pastel-colored buildings.

I stumbled upon a location to put into Google maps from this post by A Lady in London. While I would have loved to have seen every cafe that she recommended, time just didn’t allow for it.

After our trip around the London Eye, we took the underground to Sloane Square and proceeded to head toward my final destination.


I can never pass up the opportunity to photograph a red door (ok, maybe sometimes…like when there are so many to choose from that you’d stop every minute).

I loved how this one had the hedge to create a framed pathway.


Not only did the door itself look elegant, but the inlay on the stairs also added an element of posh.

I also love flower boxes.


I couldn’t pass this door without snagging a shot because I loved the door knocker.


I think the intricate tile work is very pretty, but we know that I snapped this photo because a blue door is going to stand out!

71 Elizabeth Street.

Les Senteurs.

As we moved closer to my ultimate destination, the doors and displays became magnificent. I only wish that I’d had time to capture more, but rain was on the way and we still had so much to see.

53 Elizabeth Street.

Moyses Stevens.

Passing by flowers spilling into the street was just too gorgeous not to stop and capture.

However, if you are looking for a door, #51A & 51B to the left of the photo looks quite nice.


116 Ebury St.

Peggy Porschen Cakes.

This was my ultimate destination.

I could not pass up the opportunity to see pastel pink in all its glory.

We were late enough in the morning that capturing an empty door would have been time-consuming. And time was the one thing that I had in limited quantity.

This is a well-known Instagram location so people were having shots taken while they sipped their coffee at the lovely outdoor tables. I crossed the street to take in more of the scene, but at that point, someone had lined up in front of the door with a photographer. I have one of them as well, but I like this one of the server wearing his pink attire and entering the shop.

We considered lining up to eat, but again, time was a force working against us. It worked out rather well since we stumbled upon the Duke of York Square Food Market in Chelsea.

Walking tour of beautiful doors of london

Stay Tuned.

I’ll share more about this surprise excursion and some hilarity with dialect in a future post. I’ll also be sharing more doors from London and some from our time in Scotland, so be sure to check back.

Meanwhile, if you have an affinity for doors, hop over to Norm’s blog, where he hosts Thursday Doors, and you’ll find many more.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions"

Let your light shine!


19 thoughts on “Doors of London

  1. The flowers framing the buildings are so beautiful. (it used to be) people just did that and no permit for that needed. I don’t know about taking up the sidewalk with chairs… How was the cake?? Not that that was the reason for our traveling – but Holmes’ Jr.’s quote is so true – we can never see and be the same as we were before! The last visit …do you mean you went back this year? jesh StG

    1. We did return again this year. This time was a few days in London before seeing the Highlands. Then we returned to Edinburgh to see some of the things that we didn’t have time for on our first trip over. We didn’t have a chance to try the cake. The line was long and we still had much to see. I’ve heard they are wonderful though!! 🙂

  2. There is lots to choose from with this great collection of doors, however the one that stands out for me is the blue one at 71 Elizabeth with that upper level flower box overflowing. So pretty with all the pinks and mauves!

    1. I loved that one as well. There were many places with overflowing flowers and it added to the magical vibe of being in London. 🙂

    1. You are good on noticing the little things so I’m sure you’ll find some amazing ones!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jean. I’d love to see Dublin and Cork and I’m sure the doors and buildings there are stunning. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I didn’t have near enough time in London, but it’s definitely a place to which I’d make a return visit.

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