Raising Strength 

Raising a daughter at times feels intimidating. We are rolling into that age (12 1/2) when everything you say or do is interpreted on their belief system. And that belief system seems to change daily. The clothes or hair that were fine yesterday may be the end of the world today. I can still remember those days clearly from my preteen and early teen years.

I’m really lucky that my daughter, for the most part, is relatively drama free. We have not had tears caused by middle school “mean girl” syndrome. If she is being exposed to it then she is letting it roll off. She is a hard worker in her school and athletics and has dreams and goals. Ones that she determined and created for herself.

I see a lot that I admire in my daughter. She is growing into a strong woman. She doesn’t seem affected by petty drama, by what somebody else determines is fashionable, or by what anyone thinks about who she should be.

This is one of my dreams for her. That she would know so strongly who she is, the complete level of respect she deserves, and how greatly she is loved.

So on this International Women’s Day, I remember the strong women who helped shape me and continue that tradition by helping her continue to grow into the strong woman that she will become.

Let your light shine!


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