Tuesday Truth #52

Tuesday Truth #52

Tuesday Truth. Number 52. When you think about all the complexities of being a human...the small range of balance to maintain homeostasis... it is quite magnificent to be alive. And then when you stand in awe of nature and all the complexities found within it, you begin to love the world a little more. Even [...]

What I Learned from 30 Days Of No One-Time Use Plastic Shopping Bags

September Challenge. Remember that September Challenge? Remember how I said that I would crush that challenge? Well I did! C'mon, you really had no doubts in my ability. I made that first challenge super easy. Most of us have been using reusable shopping bags for more than a decade. Myself included. The hubby even climbed [...]

Sunrise Quote

Sunrise Quote. Persevere. This week Nikki at Flying Through Water has asked us to consider the prompt of the word "persevere" and so I've decided to share a sunrise quote. Sunrise Quote. This morning as I watched the sun rise above the Atlantic Ocean in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, I was reminded of this quote: A [...]

What Is Your Mantra?

What is your mantra? Mantra: /ˈmantrə/ (noun) - a statement or slogan repeated frequently. The origin of the word mantra is Sanskrit and its literal meaning is "a thought behind speech or action". Recently I read quite a few posts about having a personal mantra and then I skimmed  read through quite a bit more. The concept [...]