Friday Faves Edition 51

Friday. I'm not sure how many different ways there are to say, "Hooray, it's Friday!". However, I keep trying. This week, I used google translate to give me a little help. If Google got it wrong, comment the correction. Hurra, es Viernes (Spanish) Hurra, es ist Freitag (German) Hourra, c'est Vendredi (French) Hoera, het is [...]

In Search of Simplicity

Simplicity Lately, I've been thinking a lot about simplicity. Actually, I've been thinking about it steadily for over a year. KonMari. I heard about the KonMari method around that time, even talked about it here.  I'm a KonMari dropout... I made it through books and clothes, maybe even dabbled into the next section...and then nothing. [...]