Doors of Paris - Part Deux

Doors of Paris – Part Deux

Doors of Paris.

As promised in last week’s Doors of Paris post, I’m back with another set of doors from our strolls around Paris this past spring.

I also took a “stroll” around google maps in order to find the addresses in case you are ever in Paris and would like to see the doors in person. I’ve also gone back and updated the addresses (on those I could find) in my other Doors of Paris post.

66 Boulevard Saint-Germain.

I was able to find the location of this door because it’s located beside Jeff de Bruges. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t walk over there and get some chocolate!

64 Boulevard Saint-Germain.

I love a green door set in some stonework.

1 Place Franz Liszt.

After doing some shopping on rue d’Hauteville (where I purchased my bangle bracelet), we walked toward Sacré Cœur and passed this door along the way. The tiny sign above says “GAZ á tous les étages” which means “gas on all floors”.

73 Qui de Tournelle.

This was on our walk from Notre Dame to Boulevard Saint-Germain. I loved how the doors were set beind the archway. That notch in the arch does disturb my perfectionist tendencies though. The sign is letting you know that cars exit from inside there. The awning to the right is for Avanti la Musica, a music box shop.

4 rue Frédéric Sauton.

What can I say? I love a character-filled blue door that I stumbled upon down a rue in Paris.

7 rue des Grands Degrés.

I love this door because you could tell that it opened into a courtyard. It seemed to portray a relaxing, Parisian ambience.

Do you have a favorite amongst these hidden treasures?

What is your favorite part of Paris to explore?

For more amazing doors, be sure to hop over to see Norm, the host of Thursday Doors.

Angelina Jolie quote "If you don't get out of the box you've been raised in, you won't understand how much bigger the world is."

Let your light shine!





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24 thoughts on “Doors of Paris – Part Deux

      • Oh how cool to see the connection from last week. And I bet there were tons of doors – too many for anyone – and others have shared Paris doors in norm’s link up and it shows the plethora
        Also – I find it curious that u quoted Jolie – well I love the Keds and down shot – yeah – but as I read her quite I recalled the time when she and Brad were having their babies in France and they sorta seemed to slam the United States – I never cared that much but I heard some folks get upset – cos they were making their main money from US sales – and then were on that France kick – which we know now is such old news – anyhow – I just never imagined Jolie as someone to quote

        Liked by 1 person

      • While I wouldn’t quote a person who speaks evil (i.e…Hitler, etc.), if I come across a quote that speaks to me, that’s how I base my quotes. I stumbled across that quote as I was planning my first overseas trip this past April. A trip that did open my eyes to the breadth of the world. My husband found a similar truth while in the Navy. If I were talented with quotes, I’d probably come up with my own :).

        Paris did have a stunning amount of doors. I’ve enjoyed seeing those that others have shared as well! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well I think your quotes will unfold naturally as you stay writing and sharing – and actually a few things u have said seem quite worthy – like some little nuggets – esp thinning making of that birthday tribute post u did –
        But thx for sharing how u grabbed the quote and again – awesome post

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  1. Oh my – there is just so much to love here!
    The beautiful little round transom windows on the first door, or the powerful authoritarian doors that came next. The cute window with the shutters and wrought iron balustrade in the 3rd photo, and yes, I love that chip in the arch of the 4th door. I think that off-centre imperfection adds character rather than detracts from the overall look.
    Nice one, Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

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