Niagara Dam – Along the Blue Ridge Parkway


About a month ago, my husband and I thought we’d drive up Roanoke Mountain Loop Road off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I brought along my camera hoping to catch some views of the Roanoke Valley. Unfortunately, the recent storms had dropped a tree across the road, closing its access.

Not to be deterred on our little outing, we decided to go to another scenic spot. I have driven along the Parkway, crossing the bridge that passes over the Roanoke River, on numerous occasions. I had yet to stop and walk down the trail to see this part of the river up close. Autumn had not made its approach at this time, so the falls were mostly shrouded by trees.

The descent to the river is not steep.  We passed some people walking with toddlers and some out walking their dogs.  There are signs warning about the dangers of the rushing water.  Something to the effect of “being bashed amongst the rocks”.  And yes, the sign is very straightforward.  Next time, I’ll have to snap a picture.

Imagine my delight when at the bottom of the trail, I spied a door!

The Niagara Dam was built in 1906. Today, it is the smallest hydroelectric plant in the American Electric Power system, with a capacity to generate 2,400 kilowatts of power.

It was a fun little outing with some beautiful weather. I’m looking forward to the continuing change of colors that are just beginning to take hold here.


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16 thoughts on “Niagara Dam – Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. Yes! I love it when I hit pay-dirt just when I least expect it. Nice find indeed. Excursions like this can be so go much fun 🙂
    BTW I went ahead and added this to the link-up list.

  2. Am glad I found you via Deborah’s blog:) You are living that far North! Lovely details of the rusted items, and the bridge- beautiful! Yay, a door -it was worth the trail, next to all the beauty you saw:)

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