Friday Faves Edition 27

Friday Faves – Edition 27

Happy Friday Everybody!

I hope that you’ve had an amazing week so far.

Mine has been pretty packed.  We are on the countdown until school begins. Next Wednesday is the day.

We did our big purge over the weekend. And while we definitely made massive headway (think… I can see the floor of the garage and the storage room), I’m still hoping to make another push.

On Monday, I decided to Google myself because every now and then I like to be sure that everything out there associated with my name is legitimate.

I discovered that one of my Instagram pics was on one of the University of Glasgow’s pages. It rotates through various Instagram pics so it took a bit for me to discover which one. It was definitely an uplifting moment as I’ve been feeling ambivalent about that social media platform. The algorithms are not in my favor and I have no interest in paying a company to get me noticed.

In fact, I’ve spent more time away from social media in the past few weeks because I was devoting a lot of time there and not seeing any growth. That is time away from focusing on my family…and if they are my main priority, then I am not honoring my priorities.

Everyone had their annual checkups this week.

The fun part for me is getting an official measure on my teens, not just my marks on the wall (I do use a level though!).

Big Mr. is 6’5 1/2″.

Mr. D is 6′.

Miss Sunshine is 5’4 1/2″.

They don’t see how tall I am, so I’m just gonna keeping on claiming my 5’8″ [I may have shrunk a little from giant babies compressing my spine, but I’m saying I’ve lengthened it back out with yoga and pilates ;)].

Maverick started puppy training classes this week. He’s a little afraid of other dogs, so I was prepared for it to be overwhelming. However, he just sprawled out and almost took a nap while the instructor talked.

The first class is pretty easy. We worked on sit. He already had this down so he happily received treats from Miss Sunshine for demonstrating what he knows!

He’s pretty well potty trained. Or he has us trained. We take him out often, but I don’t feel like he really lets us know when he wants out, which has led to some accidents. Numerous people have told me about getting potty bells, so this week I did that.

You hang them from the door and each time you take the dog out, you ring them. I put his paw on it to ring them. The idea is that he will learn that the door opens when he rings the bell. I have heard that some dogs will do this just to go outside, even if they don’t need to use the bathroom. We have a fenced yard, so as long as he gets the idea of ringing the bells, I don’t care if it’s just to go out and play.

Yesterday was Mr. D.’s birthday.


We always let the birthday child pick dinner. I used to make their request. Now we go out. He decided on Kabuki. It’s a Japanese Steak House. The kind where they cook the food in front of you and toss shrimp in the air for you to catch in your mouth. They also make a volcano out of onions and light it on fire. I shared a little of our experience on my Instagram story.

It made for a very fun evening!

Stepping up my photo game has been on my to-do list for some time.

Honestly, I’ve been super frustrated because I could not figure out how in the world to change the aperture on my Sony Alpha 7II.

I got the camera so close to heading to Scotland that I knew I would shoot auto while there. I’m sure this caused limitations, but the quality was superior to my beginner Nikon, so I took the Sony.

I’ve watched some YouTube tutorials, but never found one that addressed changing the aperture. Depth of field is one of the things that I like to play with the most, so it was crucial for me to figure out. Otherwise, I just wasn’t going to enjoy the camera.

Since I didn’t make it a priority, it took some time to finally find a website that explained how you change the aperture on the Sony Alpha 7II. With the switch on AEL, you depress the AEL button and then rotate the knob above and to the right of the C3 button. There may be another way to change it, but I’m over the moon ecstatic about discovering how to change the aperture.

Speaking of the moon….

How many of you found glasses to watch the Solar Eclipse on Monday?

Unfortunately, not me.

I decided on a parody song this week. Somebody shared it on Facebook and I found it really funny. I figure after a week like this, we could all use a moment of lightheartedness.

Growth is a part of life.

I hope to never stop having an insatiable curiosity and desire to grow. And I hope you don’t either.

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend!

Miss Sunshine has her opening soccer tournament this weekend, so I will be cheering her on from the sidelines!

Let your light shine!


Shine Bright

Shine Bright

Hatred exists.

Sometimes I still just have the hardest time wrapping my mind around this fact.

And yet, it's there.

You'd think that as a human species who claims to have evolved we'd have learned that hatred solves nothing.


Charlottesville is just a tiny fragment in the whole of this hateful divisiveness being spread.

But it begins to feel a little more real when it happens so close to home.

I have friends who have children attending UVA. Miss Sunshine plays soccer in the same league as teens who call Charlottesville home. We travel to their fields to play. We shop in the stores and walk their streets.

I wonder when it starts. This hatred. This division. And how do you find your soul so dark as to believe the lies of superiority?

And I am not just talking about a race issue. You can apply it to any number of divisive situations that you see every single time you turn on the TV.

Something I do infrequently, as I think it only perpetuates divisiveness.

Personally, I see a big difference between denouncing things that are wrong and fighting for justice versus spewing your own form of hatred from the other side.

Because the latter solves nothing.

To respond to hateful acts with hatred is to become the very thing which you despise. – John Mark Green



Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. -Mark Twain

I started this blog as a place to find myself.

That is still a journey I am on.

But it's also a place that I hope sheds a little light in the darkness.

Sunset has always been a place that I find peace.

When I moved to Roanoke, Virginia four years ago, it was the one thing that kept me grounded. This sun that I watched from my hometown in Florida. This same sun that I watched as I moved across the state of Florida. And finally, this same sun setting across the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

It offered me stability and hope that I would crawl of out the darkness that crept upon me during my move.

So when Nikki over at Flying with Water set her creative prompt as The Bright Side because she'd been blindsided by some negativity, I knew that I'd be sharing some of my sunset shots.


Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. – Martin Luther King, Jr.


No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. -Nelson Mandela


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. – Jane Goodall


Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. – Ralph Waldo Emerson.


And while it should go without saying, and I have said it in the past, my space on the web is not for politics. I can and will remove hateful commentary. While politics influence too many people's opinions, I have yet to witness them be the cause of any aim for a unified collection of humanity. My personal experience is to see polarization caused by politics and have only seen unification happen outside of that bubble… when individuals decide that their voice makes a difference.

Keep writing the story of kindness.

Spread your light wherever you go.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the the mirror reflecting it. -Edith Wharton

Let your light shine!



  • Photos 1 & 3 – Roanoke Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway – Roanoke, Virginia {Nikon D3200}
  • Photo 2 – From my yard – Roanoke, Virginia {Nikon D3200}
  • Photos 4 & 5 – Carolina Beach, North Carolina {Sony Alpha 7II}
  • Photoquote – Naples, Florida {Nikon D3200}



WPC- Elemental


Friday Faves Edition 26

Friday Faves – Edition 26

We're rolling into another weekend… the second one of August already!

But before we get there, I'm sharing some of my faves this week.

Miss Sunshine and I did some school shopping. Back to school shopping for a female going into 8th grade is not for the faint of heart! It's not that she isn't fun to shop with..she is! It's that the current fashion trends do not conform to school dress codes.

Ripped jeans… yes you can wear them, but the rips must start below the acceptable shorts line


All the jeans had a rip at the thigh. Scratch that. We found a possible pair online, but they haven't made it here yet.

The other popular trend. The cold shoulder. But is the part above the shoulder wider than three fingers? Whose fingers? Some chubby fingers? Some petite fingers? And what the heck is wrong with shoulders?

At least we found a backpack!

In the past, Miss Sunshine has picked out her backpack from a surf shop we frequent on our beach vacations. Last year, it was a little too small to carry what she needed, so this year she wanted a bigger one. And all black. Since I don't replace backpacks every year, we opted for this North Face one. I expect it to last a good while.  Can it make it 5 more years of public school? I'm not setting my hopes that high, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Big Mr. had Senior photos this week. We won't receive them for 2-3 weeks and which point we will decide which to place in the yearbook. If you remember from this postthe Big Mr. had hair down to his shoulders. Curly and thick hair. He knew that he planned to cut his hair, but wanted his Senior photos with his long hair.  When I asked why, he told me so when he was 40 he could look back and see that time when he had long hair.

So after Senior photos, off he went and came home with so much gone.

Bold move!

I'm so happy that he loved the new cut because it took 1 1/2 years to get it to the point it had been at before.

This past year has been a year of growth for me. If you've read my blog or followed me on Instagram for a while then you know that in April I went overseas for the first time. It pushed me outside my comfort zones to travel to a new country, but I also had my husband (who had done some world traveling) as my security blanket. When my mom suggested taking her first overseas trip, to Scotland, at the end of May… I jumped at the chance. I wanted her to find a love for travel just as I had 6 weeks before. I handled transportation & city navigation (with the help of some map apps) as we moved throughout some areas of Scotland. I came back from that trip even stronger and more confident in myself. As I think about future travels and the fact that I'll be turning 40 in a little over a month…I see a year of pushing my comfort zones even farther. How have you pressed outside of your box this year? 💙🌎☀️ . . . . .#sheisnotlost #femmetravel #dametraveler #travelstoke #traveldiaries #travelblogger #lifeofadventure #ladiesgoneglobal #theoutdoorfolk #keepitwild #liveauthentic #livefolk #darlingescapes #fromwhereistand #thehappynow #thisisscotland #visitscotland #visualsoflife #stayandwander #wearetravelgirls #lifestyleblogger #passportready #momboss #bossbabe #passionpassport #natureaddict #naturehippys #thediscoverer #roamtheplanet #seekthesimplicity

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I found high amusement in the Big Mr.'s commentary about "when I'm 40" because I'm sure that to him it seems so far away. I know that when I was 17, I probably thought that seemed so old.

And yet, here I am, at around a month away from being 40.

And it was so far away.

I've lived  so much life thus far. Done so many things. Met so many people. Traveled to faraway places Grew life inside of me. Celebrated life's highs and mourned life's lows.

Still I feel as if I'm just on the edge of having experienced all that I want to in this wide world.

I feel as though I'm just beginning to embrace who I really am. Learning that the world doesn't get to dictate my choices.

I ask you the same question that I asked on Instagram…

How have you pressed outside of your box this year?


I mentioned in last week's faves that I was making some dietary changes. I am on my third week of a four week no alcohol detox. I read somewhere about it being a good thing to try before heading into Virgo season. I don't know if there's anything to that, but I figured letting my liver not have to process out toxins for a bit was probably a win-win for it. I layered in no gluten the second week and this week no dairy.

Dairy has been much harder for me. I had no problem giving up my splash of heavy cream in my coffee. I just switched it to almond milk, something I use in my smoothies already. However, I do love cheese. No cheese has been hard. When I decided on "no dairy" along with "no gluten", my husband asked what I was going to eat. I admit that I wasn't on top of things with pre-planning so I wasn't always happy with my choices. Oh… that meatloaf recipe takes milk… here everybody…eat up…I'll just be over here with my salad. Maybe I can eat a baked potato… oh wait…no butter…no sour cream either. I'll just be over here eating the leftover taco meat…with no cheese.

I did make guacamole. That was a tasty point in the week. And I love my breakfast smoothies. It was the other two meals where I should have planned better.

The goal wasn't really an elimination diet. Although I wish I'd have done that.

The hubby and I went to dinner last night. My favorite Chinese restaurant. I ordered my regular choice. Hot and Sour Soup and Kung Pao Chicken. It was the first time I noticed the area on the menu that says these items can be made gluten free. For some reason, I just assumed they were already gluten free because of the stamp beside them. I'm not a stickler in restaurants for how things are cooked because I don't have Celiac Disease. I just have various digestive issues and have for years, but don't know my triggers.

The meal was awesome and tasty. The conversation with hubby full of laughter. I felt a little pain in my stomach as we went to leave, but really it wasn't a big deal. At home, about an hour later, the pain returned, but centered on the left scapula and toward the chest and I felt a headache type pressure in my head and down my sinus cavity.

Since I wasn't on an elimination diet, I still have no idea what the trigger was. It could have been the gluten in the soy sauce, but it could have easily have been the peppers or any other number of things that make up those two recipes.

I'm not sure if I'll move to an elimination diet. The alcohol detox has become more about finishing out the goal that I had set. I would have to go even longer in the entire process cut out other foods and I just keep seeing my birthday on the horizon with a slice of cheesecake and a cocktail calling my name. Would I have time to add things in and discover my triggers before that day? I don't know, so I'll have to ponder it.



This week I took back up spending some time in my journal. The black journal started the year out as a place to write a little snippet of fiction. A page to a page and a half. 20 minutes. I really wanted to work on being more descriptive. To see if I could tell a fictional tale that would draw somebody in enough to want to know more.

And then I got sidetracked.

It was something I enjoyed, but I didn't make it a priority. My goal is to move it back to a priority.

I picked up the mint journal because I've wanted to start a gratitude journal. I've been working more on staying in the present moment and gratitude seems a great place to start. I just picked it up Wednesday…made a list of 5 things I was grateful for and promptly forgot to do it yesterday. I've obviously got a ways to go to make it a habit.

I think I'll set a reminder on my phone so that I stop and actually do it.

Do you have ways that help you focus on the present?

The song I chose this week came up on my recommended list. The band found the inspiration for the song when they moved to London and left their loved ones behind. If you're a Game of Thrones fan then you'll love that the video features Maisie William (aka Arya Stark).

I got the hubby to watch the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things with me, and while he's always been an advocate of us reducing our clutter, now he's finally ready to actually help me with the process. This weekend is supposed to be a huge purge weekend for us!

I hope that as you go into your weekend, you find yourself a little freer from the daily stressors of life.

Take a moment to look around a see what a magnificent world in which we live.

The sun rises and sets.

The flowers bloom.

The breeze blows.

Take it all in.

This gift that nature offers.

And all for free.


The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. - Henry David Thoreau


Let your light shine!


The Necropolis in Glasgow

The Necropolis in Glasgow

The Necropolis.

Sandwiched between my exterior tour of Glasgow Cathedral and walking along viewing the Murals of Glasgow,  I took a brief walk through the Necropolis of Glasgow.

I don't typically visit cemeteries. My mother always used to say she wasn't sure if a ghost might follow us home.  She was only half kidding. She grew up in a haunted house in Indiana.

I get that some of you might not believe such things. And that's OK. My personal life experience is such that I have some trepidations about the possibility of inviting a spirit home with me.

From the Glasgow Cathedral, you could see the Necropolis rising up on the hill.

The hill on which the Necropolis stands was purchased by the Glasgow Merchant's House in 1651. After being planted with Fir trees, it was known as Fir Park.

In 1831, the Merchant's' House decided that that its's use would be best as Glasgow's version of the Pére Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, and so the Victorian Cemetery began.

It would become known as Glasgow's Necropolis.

The entrance to the Necropolis is reached by crossing the "Bridge of Sighs", likely named this due to the fact that funeral processions crossed it to reach the burial grounds.

The Necropolis covers 37 acres. In 1966, the Merchants' House gave the Necropolis to the Glasgow City Council.

Since the Necropolis is located East of the Glasgow (or St. Mungo) Cathedral, as you climb the hill you can look back for magnificent views of the Cathedral.

By 1831, Glasgow's population had grown from 70,000 to 200,00.

There are many impressive monuments due to the wealth of some of the city's merchants.

One of which is the mausoleum built for Major Archibald Douglas Monteath. He served in the East India Company before returning to Glasgow. His body was interred in 1842.

The mausoleum was modeled on the Church of St. Sepulchre in Cambridge.

As you climb up the Necropolis, the sweeping views of the city of Glasgow become more and more impressive.

Mostly we were quickly walking through, looking for any surnames affiliated with our genealogy.

But we still took moments to stop and admire the detailed architecture of the monuments located inside of the Necropolis.

Many of them were designed by renowned architects of the time.

Climbing higher still, the top of the hill is the location of the John Knox Monument. Interestingly, he is not buried below the monument, but under a car park in Edinburgh.

This was the first statue of John Knox to be erected in Scotland and sits on the second highest hill in Scotland.

I would have loved to have stayed with those who had gathered for what was sure to be an epic sunset of the city, but our time here was short as we needed to meet up with my aunt for dinner.

Plus, I would have missed all the murals.

There's always next time!

Have you visited any cemeteries? Which is your favorite?

Let your light shine!


Friday Faves – Edition 25


Sometimes I have to ask myself what happened to the week.

Well this one was filled with dental cleanings for me and the teens. I was at the dentist office 3 days in a row! Yesterday Miss Sunshine had her final orthodontic evaluation. Baby teeth gone and molds taken. Braces go on in two weeks! It made me feel like my baby is growing up. My last one in braces…and only months away from being 14.

I also rode with Mr. D on the Interstate. He’s in the learner’s permit phase and less than two weeks from being 16! It was a mild interstate in the scheme of interstates. It starts at one end of Roanoke so it didn’t require him merging onto the interstate. The speed limit is also only 55 mph, much less intense than those 65 or 70 mph roads. He opted for the slow lane instead of the middle so we were able to work on deciding whether you need to speed up or slow down as people merge into your lane.

Next week is Big Mr’s appointment for Senior photos and all my teens gets their class schedules.

But on to some more of my faves for the week.


Did you know that August 3rd was National Watermelon Day?

Usually I’m behind in knowing these things, but I was on top of my game this week! I even though about writing a post, but I had promised the photo tour of The Cloisters at University of Glasgow. And then I remember I shared about how to pick the perfect watermelon in this post.

Did you celebrate National Watermelon Day by eating any of the sweet treat?


Our puppy, Maverick, keeps us busy as usual.

Since Miss Sunshine maintains his Instagram, sometimes I’m just as surprised as everyone else by his antics.

This was one that made me laugh out loud when I discovered it on his page.


This was my recent read.

It caught my eye on the front racks of the library. I didn’t have it for a whole 30 days so I perused and took what value I found to apply.

I’ve read that it takes 21 days for a new habit to become like second nature so I figured I’d just implement whatever habits I found intriguing.

I read 3 pieces of advice that were my favorites.

  • FIFO | The pg version of this is “figure it the frick out”. But the gist is about self-motivation for knowledge in situations that need a solution. I have some areas in my blogging where I’m trying to learn the things that are my weaknesses…such as getting my words in front of more people.
  • Layering in habits.  | I’ve decided to work on some detoxing of my body as I move toward the season of my birth. I think it goes well with my decluttering / minimalism process, which is also a detox of sorts. I mentioned in last week’s faves that I’ve started going to the steam room to attempt to sweat out toxins. I also decided to go 4 weeks without alcohol. I’ve almost finished week 2. Where layering came into play was that in week 2, I added cutting out gluten. I haven’t fully decided if I will maintain that long term, if I will add no dairy, or if I’ll just move to no processed food. I liked that layering cuts down on being overwhelmed and quitting because you’ve started too many habit changes at once.
  • Rock your victories. | Celebrate along the way about staying on track with the habit that you are changing. I’m not very good about pampering myself with any self-care so those will be the rewards that I am putting into place during my formation of new habits.


Miss Sunshine is finishing up her summer reading. She decided that it would be nice to put up a hammock in the back yard as a place to read.  Big Mr’s hammock needed some repairs so she ordered her own.

I took full advantage of lounging in it when she was off doing other things!



My self-care pampering this week (technically I’m almost due for a 2nd self-care moment, but as I mentioned it’s not something I’m good at prioritizing) is to take a long soak in my tub. I have a jetted tub that I have used about 3 or 4 times over the past 3 1/2 years. It’s not that I don’t love a good soak, it’s just there is always something else taking precedence.

I saw an article about a salt bath with essential oils that sounded nice. When I tried to find the article again, I ended up finding an aura cleansing one. It was very similar to the original one that I read with a little more ritual involved. Either way, for me the goal is to find some moments of mindfulness and relaxation. I was looking at Lavender essential oil, but opted for this Peace & Harmony calming blend because it smelled so nice. It’s ingredients are Peppermint Oil, Patchouli Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil, and Basil Oil.

If you are interested in the process, it’s to clean the tub and take a head-to-toes cleansing shower completely prior to the bath. To the tub water, you add 2-3 handfuls of unrefined sea salt or himalayan salt (I think mine is unrefined, but I’m not going to stress over that) and the the 2-3 drops of essential oil are optional. You can pray or set intentions releasing negativity while you relax. The recommendation is to not towel dry afterward, but to just put on a robe or whatever. I’ve picked up some candles and am debating some classical music reminiscent of my bath soaking pregnancy days.

I’ve already put the word out that I’m not to be interrupted. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they can handle my hour of alone time.

I’m thinking pedicure and massage may be some of my future weekly self-care rewards.

What kinds of things do you do regularly for self-care?

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. -William S. Burroughs

Last week, I had a song pop into my mind. It took me a while to remember the name, but once I did, it took me on a happy trip down memory lane.

When we first moved to Stuart, Florida in 2010, we rented a home. Even though they called it a 3 bedroom, it was technically two and a den (in Florida, the law is it can be called a bedroom if it has a closet). Big Mr. and Mr. D. shared a bedroom and Miss Sunshine had the room off the living room with pocket door that never closed properly. But we were living near the beach and the rental came with a boat dock at the end of our road.

Since we didn’t know how long we’d be there, we opted to forgo cable.  Our TV was on a lot less during those days. We opted to go for evening boat rides or walks around the neighborhood. It was here that Mr. D would show us his feat of learning how to do a kip up and a planche. That didn’t mean life wasn’t chaotic. I was raising a 7, 9, and 10 year old. Our nephew came to live with us (3 boys in one room) so that I could tutor him, mostly in math, before he took the ASVAB. There would be quite a passage of time before he would eventually ship out for the Marines.

At some point we added Netflix. Some evenings we would find family movies to watch. One happened to be the movie Bandslam. This song is played in the movie. After we watched it, we hunted it down and all practiced the whistling part of the tune.

I had almost forgotten that I found it last week, when last night the hubby was watching Limitless and I heard the song playing from the other room.


It takes me back to a simpler (not less chaotic, just simpler) time in my life. It reminds me of what I’m hoping to achieve by seeking a minimalistic approach to materialism.

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend and a wonderful week ahead of you.

Inhale the future. Exhale the past.

And be fully present in the pause in between.


Let your light shine!



The Cloisters- University of Glasgow

The Cloisters – University of Glasgow

As promised in yesterday’s post, where we toured the exterior of the Gilbert Scott Building at the University of Glasgow, today we enter through the doors to see what was found on the other side.

I had a hard time narrowing down the photos as this was one of my favorite architectural locations…


This post is more photo heavy than my normal posts.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

I mentioned that I saw some people enter through the open doors and thought I’d wander through as well to see if I could find some interesting architectural elements or doors for my Thursday Door friends.

Located at the entrance of the Gilbert Scott building is the tombstone of Thomas Reid.

Thomas Reid was the Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Glasgow from 1764-1791. He was the founder of the Scottish common sense movement in philosophy.

He was originally buried at the Blackfriars Church burial ground when the University of Glasgow was based on High Street. When the move was made to its current location on Gilmorehill, his remains were relocated to the Professors’ at the Glasgow Necropolis.

The tombstone serves as a memorial to his contributions to the University of Glasgow.

Continuing on through the entrance were a set of glass doors. I am an anal rule follower (to the point that I even annoy myself) and wasn’t sure if I was allowed to enter through them. The couple I came behind had disappeared, but I wasn’t sure if they had passed through the numerous side doors. But I could see that the arches above me were the architectural element I had seen online that I had been seeking.

I decided that the worst thing that could happen was that they would tell me that I wasn’t allowed to be there and I would apologize and remove myself.

So I went through the glass doors.

And saw a set of wooden doors up ahead.

I moved forward cautiously, hoping that I was allowed to be here and that I wouldn’t have some irate security person come yell at me about trespassing.

When I got to the doors, it was like the sky had parted and heavens had opened up with joyful singing.

I had found the part of the campus that I had hoped to find.

The Cloisters.

The Cloisters are also known as the Undercroft. I’ve also heard them referred to as the Arches at the University of Glasgow.

The Cloisters connect the East and West Quadrangles and the doorway leads inside to Bute Hall and the Hunterian Museum.


The Hunterian Museum was founded in 1807 and is Scotland’s oldest public museums and home to one of the largest collections outside the National Museums. While the museum has various venues throughout the campus, the displays housed in this area of the Gilbert Scott building, feature William Hunter’s collection with archaeology, paleontology, geology, and zoology being just a few of the fields of interest housed in this area.

Bute Hall is where graduation ceremonies are held at the University of Glasgow.

The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow is located on the West Quadrangle.

It was consecrated on October 4, 1929 and dedicated to the former students and staff who lost their lives in World Wars I and II.

The Chapel was designed by Sir John James Burnet and the stained-glass windows were created by Douglas Strachan.



The Memorial Chapel is one of the few locations in Scotland where marriages in the Protestant and Reformed or Roman Catholic faith can be celebrated.  Weddings conducted by humanist celebrants can also be held in the University Chapel.


Many graduation celebrations are hosted on the East and West Quadrangles.

It’s traditionally bad luck to walk on the grass prior to graduation so taking advantage of that with graduation goes along with their newfound freedom.

I highly recommend the University of Glasgow being on your itinerary for any trip to Glasgow.

I’d recommend getting there earlier in the day to be able to take advantage of touring the museum.

It was a last minute decision for our visit, but it’s definitely on my list of return to spots when I next travel to Scotland!

Have you traveled to Glasgow? If so, what was your favorite spot to visit?

What do you think? Would the Cloisters at the University of Glasgow be on your must see list?

Let your light shine!



WPC: textures

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

During my trip to Scotland, I knew that our time in Glasgow would be limited. In what little research I did, I knew that if it were at all possible, I wanted to see the University of Glasgow.

After my mother and I visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which I shared about in this post, we decided that we were close enough to walk up to the University of Glasgow.

We left the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum when it closed at 5:00 p.m.

We could see the tower, but following Google maps was a little tricky since the campus is spread out. We ended up crossing the River Kelvin and entering through the South Gate. The climb up Dumbarton Way was steadily uphill and quite strenuous after an entire day of walking.

I ended up with so many photos that today will be an exterior walk.

The University of Glasgow. It is the fourth oldest University in the United Kingdom and the second oldest in Scotland.

The University of Glasgow also has more listed buildings than any other University in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1451 by a charter or papal bull from Pope Nicholas V, at the suggestion of King James II, the original campus was located in the city’s High Street.

The University relocated to Gilmorehill in 1870 and this was the location of the building that I was hoping to see.

The Gilbert Scott building is named after its designer, Sir George Gilbert Scott. He designed many of the University’s buildings during the Gothic Revival movement of the late 19th century.

He died before the building was finished, but his son John Oldrid Scott completed the building in 1891.

The tower is a Glasgow landmark and stands 278 feet high.

Once we made it to the top, we rested at a bench by the University Flagpole. There are great views of the city and from here we could see the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and how far uphill that we had come.

After resting a bit, and planning how we were going to make it back to the hotel after such a long day, I decided to explore a few more doorways.

The University offers guided tours and even lists a self-guided tour. Unfortunately, I did not find out about that until much later. If I’ve learned anything about traveling, it’s to do a lot more research on the front end. Since this part of the trip was due to a last minute change in plans, there isn’t much I could have changed about this visit.

However, I did get lucky and stumble upon the architectural masterpiece that was the  original catalyst in my desire to visit this building.

I saw some people walk through this entrance and decided to see where it led.

…Be still my heart.

Check back tomorrow afternoon when I take you through this entrance of the University of Glasgow and show you what was on the other side.

Let your light shine!