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Friday Faves – Week 2


It’s Friday!!

I’m back with another round of Friday Faves!  One of the other items that I picked up at Sephora last week was bronzer.  This is something I have been terrified to try.  I am very fair skinned…add in some winter clothing and lack of sunshine and I am more pale than I have ever been in my life.  At the recommendation of my lovely makeup guru (the salesperson), I picked up a fan brush to apply it with since it follows the shape of the face nicely.

I’m still learning how to apply it all and am planning to spend some time surfing YouTube tutorials.  If you know of any great channels, let me know in the comments.  I’m happy to learn tips from any age woman, but I will point out that there is a difference between 20 year old skin and 30ish, almost 40 year old skin.  When I was in my late 20’s, one of my friends who was a few years older than me told me that I’d end up finding my first wrinkle at 30. (If you’re reading this…you know who you are).

And she was right!!

If you read the comments from last week’s Friday Faves, then you know I have had internal debates about “Botox or Bangs”.  I’m just peculiar about needing to know the person isn’t going to botch things up. 🙂


I attempted some more hunting for the perfect leggings to take to Europe. Why are they see through? I wore leggings in the 90’s. You know, the ones with the lacy bottoms.  And they were not see through.  I may have to pass on leggings, but I haven’t given up.

I popped into Eddie Bauer because I’m planning a trip with my mom and aunt (I’ll give you the details when they are firmed up). Where we are planning to head has the possibility of rain and I don’t own a raincoat (in Florida, if you sit in the car for five minutes the torrential downpour will pass). I didn’t find a raincoat, but these metal water containers were cute.

I enjoy the outdoors, but I am not the high adventure type (maybe someday, but not yet).  I love a good hike though.


My oldest son is the high adventure type.  He owns a variety of water containers.  One of which is this Hydro Flask.  He and his brother also have quite the collection of skateboards.  The one directly behind the bottle, he made.  I call it his Jackson Pollack because of his paint job.  If you want to see his YouTube video of making it you can click here (I will just say that I think anyone who takes time to press the unlike button on a video that somebody creates is just mean.  Spread the love people. Offer constructive criticism. Or say nothing at all).


Since I mostly share girly stuff because I am semi-girly, I thought I’d share my latest candles.  I don’t like overpowering scents when it comes to candles.  Certain scents burn my eyes and lungs (we use detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes).  I don’t always light candles, but sometimes with three teens and a dog and no way to air out the house…well…it smells.These candles have a very light, clean scent.



I think this one needs no explanation!  Sometimes it’s just one of those days.


I shared one of my shirts by Unlock Hope on my Valentine’s Day post.  I’m sharing another one today.  I will warn you that you probably shouldn’t wear a shirt like this when you are in a bad mood.  I once had this on and my husband said something irritating and I gave him some serious side-eye. Then I thought, oh no, what if somebody just saw me not practicing what I preach (shh… he may fill my closet with them if he finds out that I’m nicer when I wear them.)

I’m sharing this shirt because we just finished watching the Disney movie, Queen of Katwe.  It’s the true story of a young girl from rural Uganda who ends up having her life changed through the game of chess.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

I am a big fan of well done movies based on true stories.  I enjoyed this movie on many levels.  But one level was that this girl kept pursuing her dream even though it was a male dominated sport.  Even though I chose a “traditional” female role, my parents and other adults that came into my life never once made me feel like I couldn’t do something because I was a girl.  I have a daughter and it’s important to me that she never feels that way.

She just turned 13 so she may change her mind 100 times before she chooses a path, but her choice today is to become an Engineer.  A male dominated field.  But she has her mama’s gift for math (even better than me since she’s taking high school Algebra and has a near perfect grade).  She had the opportunity to have a tech ed class and found that she likes building things….and she’s good at it.  I would never want her to stop pursuing something because it was for “boys” or that her peers would have any say in stopping her from chasing who she’s meant to become.

So lastly, I leave you with a song I’m loving.

Even though I talk of makeup and botox, as I stated here…I am me. I go out dressed down, dressed up, makeup on, makeup off, hair styled, hair in a topknot.  I make the choices about how I want to age, eat, exercise, etc…based on personal preference. I am not who the world tells me that I need to be.  Do I succeed in that mentality every day?  Absolutely not!  Do I feel stronger and more beautiful when I succeed in that mentality? Absolutely!

Let’s remember as we go throughout our weekend to spread some kindness!


Let your light shine!



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15 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Week 2

  1. I want that Today has been canceled sign too! 🙂 I love that green ring! Jade?

    I love bronzer. I have three I love one is Hoola by Benefit, one by Hourglass, and the other is Laura Mercier. I use both the Hoola and Hourglass bronzers to lightly contour my cheeks, nose, chin, and jaw line. I use a small round brush to apply it and use my fan brush for highlighters. The Laura Mercier bronzer has a highlight in it so I don’t contour with it.

    Two of my favorite YouTube ladies that vlog beauty are
    Pixwoo- sisters. https://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo They’re gorgeous and very knowledgeable make up artist by trade, and closer to your age then mine. But, they know products! One has my skin type and coloring which is nice.

    Another I like is Angie of Hot and Flashy https://www.youtube.com/user/HotandFlashy/videos

    And Nisha of Sugar Puff and Fluff https://www.youtube.com/user/SugarPuffAndFluff/videos

    I like several more but these ladies should get you started and feeling more confident with that bronzer.

    Guy make up artists I like are Manny MUA, and Wayne Goss they’re both YouTubers.

    • Thanks so much! I’ll definitely have to check them all out.
      I loved that sign as well. I feel that way quite often. lol
      The ring is Jade. It was my “something borrowed” at my wedding. It belonged to my mother-in-law. She recently gifted it to me one Mother’s Day since it was the only thing that was important to me that my daughter inherit, given its meaning in my marriage to her son.

      • I hope you like one or more of these vloggers!
        Fair warning Manny MUA is BRIGHT, and a little around the corner of what you might watch, but he’s funny, talented, sweet, and so beautiful!
        Oh, and content advisory: he uses my favorite swear word a lot. The word starts with a F and ends with a K and it isn’t firetruck. Just so you know.
        He’s all about Glamour. Which every woman can use now and then. 🙂

      • Oh my! I’ll have to check him out. I was quite tickled by your content advisory explanation. My language is sometimes salty, but you won’t be seeing that on a vlog. lol
        I think glamour can be quite nice! 🙂

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