Thursday Doors-Roanoke Times

It’s already Thursday!!

Me (one minute): doing a happy dance because I leave for vacation at the beach on Saturday.

Me (the next minute): oh wait (stopping mid-dance)! I have a lot to do before I can leave!

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The Discover Challenge on WordPress this week is the things we leave behind.  This made me start thinking…

and one thing that I’ve left behind is the printed newspaper. So this week my door contribution is of the Roanoke Times building.

When my husband and I were first married we would get up each morning and sit on the back porch.  He with his coffee and me with my orange juice (no, it wasn’t a mimosa) and we would listen to the world wake up while reading the newspaper.  He eventually converted me into being a coffee drinker, but the routine stayed the same.

Sunday was always fun because the paper was twice as big….sale sheets….comics in color… no rushing, just enjoying section after section.  Then more and more of the world became digital.  The newspaper in its print version wasn’t as important to us.

When we moved to Roanoke we would go down to the local convenient store to pick up the newspaper because I wanted to know what was going on in this new town that I called home.  Eventually I found other places to find that information, including the Roanoke Times online.

We don’t have back porch mornings very often.  Mostly because I like to sleep in during the summer and mornings are chaotic during the school year.  But it does make me think that we should pause on the weekend and carry our cups of coffee out to the back porch and listen to the world come awake.

There’s something nice about slowing down, sipping a cup of coffee, and reading the newspaper.  How about you?  Do you still read a printed newspaper?

Let your light shine!



43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors-Roanoke Times

  1. A lovely post Amy. We still read newspapers together at the weekend, something special about turning the pages and sipping tea in the morning. I wish you another happy vacation by the sea :o)


  2. We got the Sunday paper until about a year ago (only because the paper guy kept giving it to us for free) and it got used less and less. Eventually we were only using it for the Target ads. Then it finally got taken away and we haven’t missed it much. Kind of sad how it has gone by the wayside.

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      • I know it is kind of heartbreaking, but everything that can be done in a may efficient way digitally kind of gets put to the wayside. Though the opposite could so easily happen someday. All you would have to do to shut down society as a whole would be to cut power and cut wi-fi. And kids these days wouldn’t know what to do.

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  3. On weekends we both have coffee on our porch, I read online and he reads our local Daily Progress (Cville, I’m not far!). It too has thinned over the years and sadly the quality of content is just as thin.This calming time outside is our usual as long as the weather is favorable.

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  4. I don’t have time in the morning as I have to get going on my commute. I use to get the Sunday paper mostly for the ads but now they don’t have the ads like they use to so no need for the paper.

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  5. I loved Sunday papers, it was such a Sunday thing, lying on the floor reading (cos they were too big to hold) drinking Tea and eating Marmite toast (Ok, I’m English), reading my way through high-brow to low-brow… those were the days, it’s not quite the same on a screen! Nice doors too….

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  6. I still read the newspaper. Sometimes it’s a grim way to start the morning but we have to support freedom of the press otherwise we’re doomed. Happy travels! Getting ready can be stressful but just think beach.

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  7. 🙂 No more print newspapers or even magazines. Not a single one. I stem from a journalist family, we had SO many of them lying everywhere at all times as I was growing up. In my new home in the new country the internet has won big time. Actually, blogging is each of us putting out a magazine for all the rest. Do you agree?


    • We still go through some phases of magazines. Mostly when it’s an option in the school fundraisers. It’s more preferable to me than wrapping paper or kitchen gadgets that I don’t need 🙂
      I do think blogging forms a type of magazine. All these stories coming together, weaving tales, and sharing insights. We get to create our own custom magazine, both as the reader and as the writer.

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  8. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a newspaper in the house. We would start to read it over morning coffee and then it would sit on the kitchen table until dinner time. Over the day, as we took a break from whatever we were doing, the paper would be there to continue browsing.

    Now the browsing is all online. I’m not sure it’s an improvement, although I do like starting my day with a coffee and reading blog posts 🙂

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  9. We don’t read a newspaper, although we did for years. Paper or not, I advise you to keep the rest of the morning habit. Sounds delightful. Have a marvelous vacation. While you’re heading to the sea, I’ll be heading to the mountains a week from today.


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  10. I agree with you, there’s nothing quite like sitting down and enjoying a paper or coffee in the mornings. Interesting the way the digital age has changed things. Still, a book or newspaper is always welcome. 🙂

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  11. Bless you Amy! Really the only printed newspaper that I read is from our local Coop – and I love it! 🙂
    I agree with you. Sitting out on the porch (or for me in NY, my little back garden) and taking in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee is a huge gift. I don’t do it often, and it’s such a good idea!
    Hope your time at the beach was wonderful and lots of fun.

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  12. I have never been a big newspaper reader, but I used to like to read the local town paper and of course, the Sunday paper with the comics in color and the Parade.
    However, no, I no longer read an actual newspaper. I now get my news online and from one of my friends who is very into all the news.


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