Thursday Doors-Roanoke Times

It's already Thursday!! Me (one minute): doing a happy dance because I leave for vacation at the beach on Saturday. Me (the next minute): oh wait (stopping mid-dance)! I have a lot to do before I can leave! Thursday Doors is hosted by Norm 2.0, you can head over and check out some other amazing [...]

Mimosa?  Yes, please!

Sparkling juice....and....strawberries.  During these long days of summer this sounds like a little slice of heaven. I know, I know... Wait, it's supposed to be champagne.  No,  there's triple sec.  Is that a Buck's Fizz?  Are you sure you have it right? I think mimosa sounds nicer whether there is triple sec, Grand Marnier, [...]

Treasures in a thrift store

Today I found an old typewriter at a thrift store. Let me back up.  My DAUGHTER found an old typewriter at a thrift store today. I have been wanting to find a manual typewriter for some time.  Not specifically hunting one down, but prepared to pick one up if I stumble upon one.  Today, we [...]

Before Florida’s State of Emergency

You may or may not have seen that Florida has declared a State of Emergency for Martin and St. Lucie Counties.  I've recently read that Lee and Palm Beach Counties have been added to that. Martin County is where I lived before moving to Virginia.  I absolutely love it there. It is small and has [...]