Thursday Doors-Heights Community Church

I find the architecture of many churches to be quite spectacular.  I have some that I will be  going back by to photograph.  They are tucked away for future outings. Thursday doors is where door lovers from around the world come together to share their finds.  I mentioned last week that I joined in because [...]

Change is always happening

I've had some thoughts rolling around for awhile, and yet when I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), they do not flow out cohesively.  I am hoping that today they have found a way to flow with the ease of a river racing to its conclusion. The oldest became an official solo driver [...]

Jubilant Smiles

Jubilant: adj.  showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant What better place to see jubilation than at a wedding.  Since my Wordless Wednesday this week was about Lupus Awareness,  I thought it only fitting that the weekly photo challenge considering jubilant would include a joyous moment with the one who suffers from Lupus. When [...]

Thursday Doors – More Salvage

I never realized how quickly a week flies by until I started posting Thursday Doors.  If you haven't heard of Thursday Doors, it's hosted by Norm 2.0 and is where door lovers come together every Thursday to post their favorite doors from around the world.  I have always admired architecture so I thought this would [...]

Things I’ve observed about having a TALL child

Things I’ve observed about having a TALL child

A Teen Driver. The oldest is about to venture out on his own. Driving without me or his father in the seat next to him. This is happening Sunday, to be exact. If you've been following along with me for a while you may remember that he lived through and fully recovered from a traumatic [...]

WPC- A Face Finding Her Way

WPC- A Face Finding Her Way

A Face Finding Her Way. Reflections. Confusion sets in Am I this me or that me Still finding myself -Amy Lyon Smith Haiku. I've been wanting to take a try at writing Haiku.  I like how it expresses so much by saying so little. I tend to get sidetracked and tell 100 different stories before [...]

Thursday Doors – Salvaged Doors

So it's already Thursday again!  Time for another round of Thursday Doors hosted by Norm 2.0.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have already suspected where my door finds would come from. I have been on a hunt for a coffee table...for at least 3 years, so that tells you the [...]

On Titles and Timing

A Mom seeking her Path in the midst of Chaos and Beauty - Amy Lyon Smith How appropriate that this should be the post I had planned to write last week and today the daily prompt would be chaos.  The original catalyst for the following thoughts is the Weekly Discover Challenge.  The theme this past [...]