DSC_0004.JPGThere’s nothing like a good rainstorm to thwart your plans.  I had anticipated getting out and enjoying some warmth.  Getting out and capturing some images.  Instead the wind blew hard, beating the droplets against my window panes.  The rain ran loudly onto the back deck, falling from the roof in a never ending stream.

I used the time as an excuse to catch up on paperwork and the purging of unnecessary emails, rejected photos, and other paraphernalia.  From time to time I would glance longingly out my dining room window, knowing the rain was necessary for the springtime growth, necessary for washing away the thick coating of pollen, but still longing for sunshine.

Once the rain finally moved into a trickle, my kids were home and my time became theirs. Sunshine is on the agenda for tomorrow and I will be basking in its warm rays as I move throughout my day.

I hope that you all experience pleasant weather this weekend!  It has a tendency to be fickle, so I’m hoping it sticks to the plan! 🙂

Let your light shine!



*submitted for the WordPress weekly photo challenge-Abstract.  To see others interpretations click here



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