Thursday Doors – The Red Door

Last week was my first week participating in Thursday doors.  While I saw many interesting doors over the course of week, timing or weather prevented my capturing of them.  I'm hoping to get back to them and find some new ones in the upcoming week. Since I wanted to participate and I'm coming in right [...]


There's nothing like a good rainstorm to thwart your plans.  I had anticipated getting out and enjoying some warmth.  Getting out and capturing some images.  Instead the wind blew hard, beating the droplets against my window panes.  The rain ran loudly onto the back deck, falling from the roof in a never ending stream. I [...]

Liebster Award – Growing

I've been nominated for The Liebster Award by the wonderful dogs and humans over at Whippet Wisdom.  I have been enjoying their blog very much and you should head over and check it out. When I first received the nomination I was, of course, very much flattered and honored.  But my next reaction was panic.  [...]

Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry

We were on spring break in Jensen Beach, FL a few weeks ago.  My middle son had stayed with a friend and their family down in West Palm Beach.  We went down and picked the three boys up to stay with us for a day and half. This photograph was from the day that we [...]

Saying Goodbye

      I recently found the Word Press weekly photo challenge and have really enjoyed using it as a jumping off point for my thoughts.  I have also enjoyed reading other peoples takes on the themes. Today I discovered the WordPress Discover Challenge.  This week the theme is memory.  How appropriate that with today [...]