The fire that Almost was

I had a plan to talk about this at the beginning of the month.  I was waiting to work through the process that this "almost" fire generated.  Then I ended up needing to work through some other household stuff, stuff that I am still working through, stuff that will probably come up in later posts.  [...]

Irish Blessing

In light of today being St Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share my favorite Irish blessing. I first heard this blessing nearly 18 years ago.   My husband and I were dating, but had entered into "considering marriage" territory. We had a whirlwind romance so that consideration came pretty early. My husband had bought a [...]

A Little Brother

A Little Brother

Since my baby brother's birthday is rapidly approaching, this week's throwback will be about the beginnings of siblinghood. My brother is four and 1/2 years younger (to the day) than me.  While I have faint memories here and there prior to his birth, for the most part I have no memory of life without him. [...]

Raising Strength 

Raising a daughter at times feels intimidating. We are rolling into that age (12 1/2) when everything you say or do is interpreted on their belief system. And that belief system seems to change daily. The clothes or hair that were fine yesterday may be the end of the world today. I can still remember [...]