Sweet Potato Meatloaf

I've decided that maybe I'll be Paleo-ish.  Yes, I like this term better.  You might remember that when I decided to go wheat-free, my husband decided to jump on my healthy bandwagon, but he prefers the paleo version of life.  Well, I cook the meals and while I am mostly trying to accommodate (sorry, but [...]

Silence is golden

In the stark, cold winterThe mighty tree stands bareStripped away of all its former gloryNow possessing strength that it didn’t know it hadAble to stand in majestic beauty, cloaked in white.-Amy Lyon Smith Silence. Silence. An emptiness of sound. A quiet hush upon the air. This is what a fresh blanket of snow means to [...]

Paleo…Round 2

Last night I made buffalo chicken casserole.  If you are looking for some good recipes you should check out Juli Bauer at Paleomg She gives the recipe there in a sneak peek at her cookbook.  I'll be honest, even though I'd heard of spaghetti squash, I had no idea what one was before this meal. [...]