Follow the Wind Friday

Friday is usually a free day for me. Nothing scheduled. No certain place to be or by a certain time. This doesn’t mean that my day isn’t filled with the obligatory duties of laundry, dishes, and errand running, but I have a little less structure to the day. I began this journey to find myself [...]

Sweet Potato Meatloaf

I've decided that maybe I'll be Paleo-ish.  Yes, I like this term better.  You might remember that when I decided to go wheat-free, my husband decided to jump on my healthy bandwagon, but he prefers the paleo version of life.  Well, I cook the meals and while I am mostly trying to accommodate (sorry, but [...]

No school….again

No school….again

This photo is my most recent Instagram post.  We are on our third snow day.  That's 5 days of kids being at home, people!!  Sometimes it's just been my own three, which is daunting enough, but other times we have had a load of others.  And yes, sometimes mine have gone off.  Although it has [...]

Silence is golden

In the stark, cold winterThe mighty tree stands bareStripped away of all its former gloryNow possessing strength that it didn’t know it hadAble to stand in majestic beauty, cloaked in white.-Amy Lyon Smith Silence. Silence. An emptiness of sound. A quiet hush upon the air. This is what a fresh blanket of snow means to [...]

Random musings on a snowy day

Winter storm Jonas has descended upon us here in Virginia.  Being the Florida transplants that we are, my daughter decided to turn the old soft top surfboard (which has rotated out of use) into a sled.  Friday was a snow day and my kids fully embraced that.  I, however, was fully awake at 6:30 A.M.  [...]

Paleo…Round 2

Last night I made buffalo chicken casserole.  If you are looking for some good recipes you should check out Juli Bauer at Paleomg   She gives the recipe there in a sneak peek at her cookbook.  I'll be honest, even though I'd heard of a spaghetti squash, I had no idea what one was before [...]

Breakfast smoothie on the go

Most days for breakfast I am an eggs and bacon kind of girl.  Then there are the days that I have somewhere to be and need something quick.  I have a ninja blender and just throw the following ingredients into one of the single cups and blend away: Ice Almond milk (I use unsweetened vanilla) [...]

To Paleo or not to Paleo, THAT is the question

When I moved out of Florida a little over 2 years ago, I had a hard time adjusting. It was a hard time adjusting on numerous fronts. I moved away from family, my father-in-law had recently passed away, my grandmother was dying, and it was cold. Like “my toes are turning blue, what is wrong [...]

My 20 or so minutes at the gym

My bodyflow class doesn’t exist on Friday mornings. Monday through Thursday I show up at 10:30, spend some time on my mat and then experience the bliss of savasana (ok, most days it’s bliss, other days my mind just won’t shut up or my sinuses are draining and I have to continually come back to [...]

How Quickly A Day Can Derail You

I have the best of intentions when I roll out of bed in the morning. Today, I will be my best creative self. Granted, I am not a morning person so I don’t expect it to happen instantaneously. I like to get my kids sent on their way to school and my husband sent on [...]